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GraphicUSB DevKit

GraphicUSB Devkit for Advanced Developers

Whilst GraphicUSB can display and export data in a wide variety of formats, there will always be cases when the developers would like access to the capture file from their own programs.

A possible reason is when it is necessary to perform an extremely large capture, in order to see a packet which occurs only infrequently. A user-written program could analyse the capture file using the developer's unique knowledge of the vendor class device. It could output the significant information to a small text file.

GraphicUSB is equipped with functionality which allows it to perform a capture from a command line, or to perform a capture and save the file without displaying it, thus eliminating the time needed to index the file.

The optional GraphicUSB Devkit contains a Dynamic Link Library file which user programs can link to. This DLL allows access to each event in turn, contained in the .mqu capture file saved by GraphicUSB.

An example "C" command line program illustrates how to make use of the DLL.

The Devkit is compatible with any of Packet-Master series Analysers.

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