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Packet-Master USB500 AG Functionality

Packet-Master USB500 AG  

USB Bus Analyser

The Packet-Master USB500 AG is supplied with GraphicUSB, a fully featured graphical display and analysis program. It will assist you in understanding and implementing USB devices or hosts from the very lowest level of packets and bus condition timings, up to the intricacies of the standard or vendor class protocols. It will indicate where errors are occurring, allowing you to pinpoint problems within seconds.

It describes every event and protocol element in a clear and appropriate style.

USB Generator

The USB500 AG can also be used as a USB generator. In host mode, it provides the VBUS supply, applies bus states, and sends packets and waits for responses, but all under control of your script.

In device mode, it emulates plug-in, waits for the appropriate bus states and packets, and responds with the required data, all exactly as you specify.



Packet-Master USB500 AG

To see the detailed interactions on the bus, use any USB analyser.
The advantage of using a Packet-Master unit for the analyser is that the powerful GraphicUSB application is able to control both the analyser and the generator simultaneously.

GraphicUSB Vbus Monitoring  

VBUS Monitor

In either configuration, the USB500 AG continuously displays the VBUS voltage and current.