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USB Power Delivery Test Equipment

User Calibration Kit for USB-PDT with BT3


To avoid the need for international shipping to calibrate the Packet-Master USB-PDT, we have developed a user-based calibration kit. The user has only to provide a suitable currently calibrated multimeter, for example the Keysight U1241B.

This is a revised version of the calibration jig, which is required for calibration of the USB-PDT when equipped with the new PDT-BT3 Plug-in. The PDT-BT3 is the only plug-in for the USB-PDT that meets all the requirements for official USB-IF test specifications. The BT3-CAL can also calibrate the earlier BT2 Plug-in if required. So the earlier version of the calibration jig is no longer available.

The unit is supplied in a protective carrying case, with its own power supply, a suitable mains cable, and two test cables.


All the required software is included in the GraphicUSB Application. Simply access menu item: Operations...PD...PDT Calibration...

and follow the detailed instruction given.

Test Cable Calibration

The unit can also be used to calibrate the special PDT test cable.