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USB Power Delivery Test Equipment

Packet-Master USB-PDT Analyser Pod

The USB-PDT Analyser Pod is an option for the Packet-Master USB-PDT or the PDT-EPR to allow it to be used as a non-intrusive Analyser for PD-Communication between two third-party PD devices. It is equally suitable for devices connected by a separate PD cable, or for the case where one of the devices has a captive cable.

The Pod now uses your existing PDT-EPR or USB-PDT Test Cable to connect to the PDT. A removeable VBUS link can be fitted with a suitable wire loop for VBUS current measurements.

Pod Functionality

USB-PDT Analyser Pod is fully featured and has no influence on Superspeed signalling between the two devices under test.

Analyser Capture

During testing, the entire sequence of PD messages is captured and displayed. Each event is analysed in the Details pane. Every bit field is analysed, described and any potential non-compliances are highlighted.SOP', SOP'', SOP'_debug and SOP''_debug messages are also displayed. The locations of the packets and the scope captures, together with voltage and current, are shown in the zoomable timeline.

Other Details

  • RoHS Compliant

  • Software/firmware updates are generally available free of charge from our website.

Also Available

  • C-Type Breakout unit The Type-C Breakout Unit allows investigation of the signals in a Type-C cable connection which can be examined and interrupted.