(PD4 MSDOS and PDW Windows)

Version Change Information


The major changes to versions of PROMDRIVER are listed below. This is to assist in deciding whether a download is useful. To keep things simple the Windows version has the same release number as the MSDOS version

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.71 (19 Mar 2009)

  • Added X22C12
  • Added GR881

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.70 (8 Oct 2008)

  • Added P89C669

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.69 (9 Sept 2008)

  • Fixed bug in BR9010F/20F/30F

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.68 (15 Jul 2008)

  • Added Winbond W39V040FB
  • Added Microchip PIC18F6520, PIC18F6520-ISP

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.67 (25 Jun 2008)

  • Added ST M95512

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.66 (18 Jun 2008)

  • Added ATMEL ATtiny2313 in ISP skt
  • Fixed bug in PIC12F683 (cal. word overwrite)

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.65 (13 Mar 2008)

  • Corrected ID algorithm for SST 39SF040

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.64 (2 Jan 2008)

  • Added Atmel ATmega644, ATmega644V

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.63 (30 Oct 2007)

  • Speeded up Vpp risetime on ATtiny261/861 to accomodate short startup time
  • Allowed for new ID in P89V51RD2
  • Corrected ID for SST 39VF0X0 devices

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.60 (1 June 2007)

  • Added PIC18F8720 and PIC16F785

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.59 (23 May 2007)

  • Added ATtiny261/V, ATtiny461/V, ATtiny861/V

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.58 (23 Apr 2007)

  • Added MC68HC908AZ60 (masks 8H62A and 2J74Y)

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.57 (29 Mar 2007)

  • Added PIC18F4682 and PIC18LF4682, in socket and ISP

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.54 (13 Oct 2006)

  • Fixed Hitachi FZTAT32 socket check on smaller devices
  • Added Hitachi HD64F38327
  • Added Intel TE28F320J3D, JS28F320J3D, RC28F320J3D, PC28F320J3D

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.53 (7 Sept 2006)

  • Fixed ID problem on 87C550
  • Added Spansion S29AL008D-01, S29AL008D-02 , S29AL004D-01, S29AL004D-02, S29AL002-01, S29AL002-02
  • Added 82LS135
  • Added Microchip PIC16F737, PIC16F747, PIC16F767, PIC16F777 Socket and ISP versions
  • Added S-T M28W640FCT and M28W640FCB

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.51 (14 July 2006)

  • Added Atmel AT24C02B

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.50 (12 July 2006)

  • Added Philips 87C550

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.49 (29 June 2006)

  • Added Intel 8744
  • Corrected 16F639 16F639/ISP codes
  • Added PIC16F54, PIC16F57 and PIC16F59 (in socket or ISP)

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.48 (23 June 2006)

  • Added M27C4002 in PLCC

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.47 (13 June 2006)

  • Improvement to reading on P89V51RD2

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.46 (25 May 2006)

  • Added Philips P89LPC901, P89LPC902, P89LPC903, P89LPC904, P89LPC906, P89LPC907, P89LPC908, P89LPC9107, P89LPC912, P89LPC913, P89LPC914, P89LPC915, P89LPC916, P89LPC917, P89LPC920,; P89LPC921, P89LPC922, P89LPC924, P89LPC925, P89LPC933, P89LPC934, P89LPC935, P89LPC936, P89LPC938, P89LPC9221
  • Added Atmel ATtiny2313
  • Added 'Find Next' function

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.44 (6 Mar 2006)

  • Added Atmel AT49BV320A, AT49BV320AT, AT49BV322A, AT49BV322AT

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.42 (15 Feb 2006)

  • USB Drivers included (XP / 2000 / ME / 98se)
  • Favourite Selections feature added
  • Non-destructive functions now allowed in non-edit mode
  • Added SST 27SF010, 27SF020

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.41 (7 Feb 2006)

  • USB Drivers included (XP / 2000 version only)
  • Added 'Unicode Decimal' and 'Unicode Hexadecimal' Serial Numbering modes
  • Added Serial Numbering capability to swap bytes of serial number within words
  • Added Intel TE28F016B3T and TE28F016B3B

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.40 (20 Jan 2006)

  • Fixed problem with Atmel AT89S52 specials

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.39 (19 Jan 2006)

  • Added Spansion S25FL004A, S25FL008A, S25FL016A, S25FL032A, S25FL064A
  • Added Intel 28F640J5
  • Added Microchip 93AA56A, 93AA56A ISP, 93AA56B, 93AA56B ISP, 93AA56C 8 BIT, 93AA56C 8 BIT - ISP, 93AA56C, 93AA56C - ISP, 93LC56A, 93LC56A - ISP, 93LC56B, 93LC56B - ISP, 93LC56C 8 BIT, 93LC56C 8 BIT - ISP, 93LC56C, 93LC56C - ISP, 93C56A, 93C56A - ISP, 93C56B, 93C56B - ISP,
    93C56C 8 BIT, 93C56C 8 BIT - ISP, 93C56C, 93C56C - ISP
  • Added Hitachi HD64F2140BV (H8/S2140B)
  • Corrected problem with Spansion S29GL064M-R2
  • Added AMD Am29LV640ML, Am29LV640MH
  • Added Spansion S29GL064M-R1

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.38 (19 Dec 2005)

  • Fixed problem with recent samples of AT28C256
  • Added Hitachi HD6473388CP
  • Added Intel 28F128J3A (AD669)

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.36 (24 Oct 2005)

  • Added SST25LF016B

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.35 (17 Oct 2005)

  • Added Macronix MX25L2005, MX25L4005, MX25L4005A, MX25L8005, MX25L1605, MX25L1605A, MX25L3205, MX25L3205A, MX25L6405
  • Added INTEL 28F128J3A

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.33 (19 Sept 2005)

  • Added Zilog Z86E61 and Z86E63
  • Improved algo for PIC16F870/1/2/3//4/6/7

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.32 (8 Sept 2005)

  • Fixed ST72F26x algos to work with all releases of ST72F26x monitor

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.31 (30 Aug 2005)

  • Added Atmel AT89C51AC2, T89C51AC2

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.29 (1 Aug 2005)

  • Added SST39VF1601, SST39VF1602, SST39VF3201, SST39VF3202

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.27 (20 Jul 2005)

  • Added Microchip PIC16F505

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.26 (11 Jul 2005)

  • Added Adjustable H/W Address for 24Cxx
  • Added Microchip PIC18F6585, PIC18F6680, PIC18F8585, PIC18F8680

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.25 (27 Jun 2005)

  • Added AT25F512A
  • Speeded programming on AT89S8253 (Blank, Program, Verify now 7 seconds.)
  • Added Spansion S29AL004D-T, S29AL004D-B, S29AL004D-M, S29AL008D-T, S29AL008D-B, S29AL008D-M, S29AL016D-T, S29AL016D-B, S29AL016D-M
  • Added EON EN29LV160AT-T, EN29LV160AT-B, EN29LV160AB-T, EN29LV160AB-B
  • Added ST72F260G1, ST72F262G1, ST72F264G1, ST72F262G2, ST72F264G2 as ISP
  • Added ST72F321J9, ST72F321J7, ST72F321R9, ST72F321R7, ST72F321R6, ST72F321R6, ST72F321AR9, ST72F321AR7, ST72F321AR6
  • Added ST M29W160E-T, M29W160E-B
  • Fixed some problems with USB communications.
  • Added 'C source' file format

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.22 (26 Apr 2005)

  • Added Hitachi HD6473298F and HD6473278F

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.20 (20 Apr 2005)

  • Added Mitsubishi M34283G
  • Added Atmel AT89LP2052 and AT89LP4052
  • Added AMD Am29PDL128G in AD722

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.19 (14 Apr 2005)

  • Changed CRC algorithm to match CRC-16
  • Added 'CRC of specified address range in file' function
  • Corrected Configuration word programming in PIC16F87xA.

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.18 (8 Apr 2005)

  • Added SST25LF040A and SST25LF080A using AD724
  • Special settings are now persistent
  • Read function now displays CRC in addition to Checksum
  • Bug in report display position of checksum on some computers fixed

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.17 (14 Mar 2005)

  • Added SST49LF008A 40 pin TSOP version
  • Added M50FW080 40 pin TSOP version
  • Fixed problem on 24RF08C
  • Added Cypress CY7C274

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.16 (4 Feb 2005)

  • Improvements to script mode

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.15 (26 Jan 2005)

  • Fixed ISP versions of recent PIC18F parts
  • Added SST25LF020A, SST25LF040A, SST25LF080A

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.14 (14 Jan 2005)

  • Fixed problem on XP with non-administrator as user
  • Added ST M27V800

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.13 (20 Dec 2004)

  • Added Atmel AT89S8253
  • Fixed POF file device read problem

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.12 (3 Dec 2004)

  • Added Spansion S29GL256M-R1, S29GL256M-R2, S29GL128M-R1, S29GL128M-R1, S29GL064M-R1, S29GL064M-R2, S29GL064M-R3, S29GL064M-R4, S29GL064M-R6, S29GL064M-R7, S29GL032M-R1, S29GL032M-R2, S29GL032M-R3, S29GL032M-R4
  • Modified IDs for PIC18F2455, PIC18F2550, PIC18F4455, PIC18F4550 to match actual released silicon.
  • Added Atmel AT89S2051, AT89S4051
  • Added Winbond W39V040FA

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.11 (29 Oct 2004)

  • Fixed recently introduced problem creating Jedec files
  • Added Lattice GAL16V8Z

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.09 (25 Oct 2004)

  • Added Hitachi HD64F3039 and HD64F3039V

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.07 (21 Oct 2004)

  • Fixed 18F452 configuration programming problem. Code locking could
    have corrupted next configuration word.

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.06 (19 Oct 2004)

  • Fixed 12F6xx erase bug
  • Added Microchip PIC18F2410, PIC18F2420, PIC18F2480, PIC18F2455,
    PIC18F2510, PIC18F2520, PIC18F2580, PIC18F2515, PIC18F2525, PIC18F2585, PIC18F2610, PIC18F2620, PIC18F2680, PIC18F4410, PIC18F4420, PIC18F4480, PIC18F4455, PIC18F4510, PIC18F4520, PIC18F4580, PIC18F4515, PIC18F4525, PIC18F4585, PIC18F4610, PIC18F4620, PIC18F4680, PIC18F2550, PIC18F4550 (all socket and ISP)

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.04 (6 Oct 2004)

  • Better fix for recent PIC12C508 configuration problem

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.03 (5 Oct 2004)

  • Can now specify saved file format in Save As Dialog
  • Fixed 12c508 locking problem
  • Fixed ID of PIC18F242 ISP
  • Added PIC12F635, PIC12F683, PIC16F636, PIC16F684, PIC16F688. Socket and ISP.
  • Added Atmel AT89S53
  • Added Atmel AT49BV320, AT49BV320T, AT49BV321, AT49BV321T,
    AT49LV320, AT49LV320T, AT49LV321, AT49LV321T
  • Added Intel TE28F160C3 in AD562 & AD577, GE28F160C3, GT28F160C3, RC28F160C3

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.02 (8 Sept 2004)

  • Added Sony CXK1011, CXK1012, CXK1013, CXK1023, CXK1024,
  • Added Pioneer PDG011
  • Added Spansion S25FL004D
  • Added Motorola (Freescale) MC68HC908QY1, MC68HC908QY2, MC68HC908QY4, MC68HC908QT1, MC68HC908QT2, MC68HC908QT4
  • Added S-T ST72F260G1M6, ST72F260G1B6, ST72F262G1M6, ST72F262G1B6, ST72F264G1M6, ST72F264G1B6, ST72F262G2M6, ST72F262G2B6, ST72F264G2M6, ST72F264G2B6

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.01 (26 August 2004)

  • Added byte / word / dword offset to top row of view
  • Removed coloured background on printing
  • Added capability of copying data as text to other applications via clip board
  • Eliminated redraw flicker in Object file views
  • Improved Colour Selection Dialog to show colours in List box background
  • Fixed immediate update of currently open files background colours
  • Fixed bug in XP with incorrect Dialog Colours
  • Fixed dragging block up/down outside view to consistently show correct selection
  • Added Reverse Values function to editor (reverses order of bytes/words/dwords in selected block)
  • Fixed POF file tag 7 generation
  • Added ATmel AT49BV6416, AT49BV6416T
  • Added Philips P89V51RD2, P89LV51RD2
  • Added NS 77005, 77007, EE401
  • Added Pioneer PDG001
  • Added Siemens SDE2506, SDA2506
  • Added Microchip PIC16F818, PIC16F818. Socket and ISP
  • Added PIC16LC711 by name

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V5.00 (20 July 2004)

  • Fixed recent bug with 24C16 family
  • Added Xilinx XCF01S, XCF02S, XCF04S in AD546 - faster programming using .MCS file
  • Added Xilinx XCF01S, XCF02S, XCF04S using ISP port - faster programming using .MCS file
  • Added OKI MR27V402E

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.99 (8 July 2004)

  • Fixed bug after opening non-existent 'most recently used' file
  • Added check if another app has modified file
  • Added lock on writing by other apps, on start to edit

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.97 (29 June 2004)

  • Added Xilinx XC17S15A, XC17S30A, XC17S50A, XC17S100A, XC17S150A, XC17S200A, XC17S300A, XC17V01, XC17V02, XC17V04
  • Added Xilinx XCF01S, XCF02S, XCF04S in AD546 and JTAG - JAM/STAPL
  • Added ST M29W320DT, M29W320DB

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.95 (16 June 2004)

  • Added Motorola MC68HC705KJ1

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.93 (27 May 2004)

  • Added MXIC MX29LV800T, MX29LV800B
  • Added EON EN29LV400T, EN29LV400B, EN29LV800AT, EN29LV800AB
  • Fixed problem with Intel hex and Motorola hex file format parameter options
  • Installer can now identify XP by name (no other function change)

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.92 (13 May 2004)

  • Swapped bytes within word for Data EEPROM in PIC18F452 etc
  • Improved In-Circuit programming of PIC18Fxxx family
  • Added Microchip In-circuit Programming versions of PIC16F84, PIC16F84A, PIC16LF84, PIC16LF84A, PIC16F83, PIC16LF83

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.90 (4 May 2004)

  • Added TS87C52X2
  • Improvment to Am29DL320G/640G/640H algorithms

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.89 (27 Apr 2004)

  • Added log file output
  • Added send email with log file as attachment
  • Updated about box platform identification
  • Added script command to show filename
  • Added Microchip PIC16F87, PIC16F88 and ISP
  • Added Atmel AT89LS8252

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.88 (15 Apr 2004)

  • EON EN29F002AT, EN29F002AB sector lock/unlock added
  • AMIC A29002T, A29002U sector lock/unlock added
  • Added AMIC A29040-/A/B
  • Added EON EN29F040A
  • Added Atmel AT89C51RD2, AT89C51ED2, AT89C51ID2

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.87 (2 Apr 2004)

  • Recent problem with OKI 16911 fixed
  • Added SST SST49LF020A, SST49LF020
  • Entering PIC Special and enabling Edit mode, now correctly expands current file's highest address to include relevant areas for configuration word and data. (Previously didn't always work).

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.86 (24 Mar 2004)

  • Added AMIC A29002T, A29002U, A290021T, A290021U
  • Added EON EN29F002AT, EN29F002AB, EN29F002ANT, EN29F002ANB

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.85 (4 Mar 2004)

  • Added Sino Wealth SH67P33 including automatic oscillator calibration
  • Improved MX29LV040 programming algorithm
  • Added ST M95020, M95020W, M95040, M95040W

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.84 (23 Feb 2004)

  • Added Nexflash NX25P40 (ZIF and ISP)
  • Added Winbond W83L950D

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.83 (26 Jan 2004)

  • Fixed manual specials on PIC16C5x

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.82 (22 Jan 2004)

  • In script mode: NOSTOP now works when programming logic part
  • Added MXIC MX29LV040

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.81 (19 Jan 2004)

  • Added ability to display (and edit) 32 bit wide object windows
  • Improved ergonomics of 'Find in File' dialog
  • Added Merge Files capability (2 files of bytes merge to a new file of words)
  • Fixed word mode display bug where odd number of bytes resulted in 1 too few words displaying (similar with dword mode)
  • Added Pattern Paste function
  • Added autoscroll to block selection by left mouse button
  • Added Paste Special function (paste to spread byte locations). Allows building word or dword file from separate byte-wide files.
  • Respond to Mousewheel messages in Object and report windows
  • Added 'Copy Block To New File' function
  • When defining block, display start of block
  • Added S-T M27W401
  • Added AMD Am29DL320GT, Am29DL320GB, Am29DL640G
  • Added Sharp LH28F320BJE-PTTL, LH28F320BJE-PBTL, LH28F160BVE-TTL, LH28F160BVE-BTL
  • Added OKI MR27V1602EMA and MR27V1602ETN

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.80 (2 Dec 2003)

  • Specials for word wide flash sectors re-organised
  • Added Microchip 24LC64, 24AA64

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.79 (25 Nov 2003)

  • Added mask to config byte for P89C51Rx2xx to only show clock bit
  • Added Set JTAG Voltage function. User can now specify jtag voltage after type is selected.
  • Added Cypress CY7C63723, CY7C63743
  • Improved sector unlocking function for Am29LV008
  • Modified checksum calculation on 9346 family
  • Speeded up checksum calculation considerably on many devices
  • Allow optonal user selection of 8 bit checksums for 16 bit devices
  • Added Philips P87C554S
  • Modified code for converting DOS (v0001) s/n file to windows (v0002) so that PIC mode files are converted correctly.
  • Advanced the determination of POF file tag types and number of fuses, to fix a bug in script mode.
  • Added new JTAG_VOLTAGE command to script language

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.78 (10 Nov 2003)

  • Added Holtek HT48R05A-1-16, HT48R05A-1-18, HT48R05A-1-18,
    HT48R06A-1-16, HT48R06A-1-18, HT48R06A-1-18, HT48R10A-1-24, HT48R10A-1-24, HT48RA0A-1-20, HT48RA0A-1-24, HT48R30A-1-24, HT48R30A-1-24, HT48R30A-1-28, HT48R30A-1-28, HT82K68E-20,
    HT82K68E-28, HT82K68E-48, HT48R50A-1-28, HT48R50A-1-28, HT48R50A-1-48, HT82K96E-20, HT82K96E-48, HT48R70A-1-48, HT48R70A-1-64
  • Added ATmega603/603L/103/103L using AD659
  • Added ATmega128/L using AD659
  • Added ATmega128/L using JTAG skt for in-circuit programming

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.77 (24 Oct 2003)

  • Added Microchip PIC16(L)F627A, PIC16(L)F628A, PIC16(L)F648A
    PIC16(L)F627A-ISP, PIC16(L)F628A-ISP, PIC16(L)F648A-ISP
  • Added following Microchip parts using alternative adapter AD570:
    PIC16C64, PIC16C64A, PIC16C65, PIC16C65A, PIC16C65B, PIC16C67, PIC16C77, PIC16C765, PIC16F77, PIC16(L)F877, PIC16(L)F877A, PIC16C74, PIC16C74A, PIC16C74B, PIC16C774, PIC16(L)F74, PIC16(L)F874, PIC16(L)F874A, PIC18C442, PIC18F442, PIC18F448, PIC18C452, PIC18F452, PIC18F458
  • Added Microchip PIC16F630, PIC16F676 (ZIF Socket and ISP)
  • Fixed various issues concerning PIC12F629 including incorrect checksum.

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.76 (6 Oct 2003)

  • Modified driver installation program to V1.1 This fixes a problem on some later NT based Windows versions where re-installation didn't work first time, as the driver marked for deletion hadn't had time to be deleted.
  • Added Microchip PIC18F1220, PIC18F1320, PIC18F2220, PIC18F2320, PIC18F4220, PIC18F4320, PIC18F1220-isp, PIC18F1220-isp, PIC18F2220-isp, PIC18F2320-isp, PIC18F4220-isp and, PIC18F4320-isp
  • Fixed verify comms error bug in 12F6xx
  • Added NEXFLASH NX25P10 and NX25P20 (skt and ISP)
  • Fixed bug in 29F017 reading
  • Added Philips P87C51RA2, P87C51RB2, P87C51RC2 and P87C51RD2

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.75 (17 Sept 2003)

  • Added PIC12F629 and PIC12F675 for programming in socket and for In-circuit Programming.
  • Speeded up all 93xxx family parts
  • Added 8 bit access to all appropriate 93xxx family parts
  • Added In-circuit programming to all appropriate 93xxx family parts
  • Added following Fairchild parts: FM93C06, FM93C06-ISP, FM93C06L(Z), FM93C06L(Z)-ISP, FM93C46, FM93C46A, FM93C46A, FM93C46A-ISP, FM93C46A-ISP, FM93C46AL(Z), FM93C46AL(Z), FM93C46AL(Z)-ISP, FM93C46AL(Z)-ISP, FM93C46AT, FM93C46AT, FM93C46AT-ISP, FM93C46AT-ISP, FM93C46ATL(Z), FM93C46ATL(Z), FM93C46ATL(Z)-ISP, FM93C46ATL(Z)-ISP, FM93C46-ISP, FM93C46L(Z), FM93C46L(Z)-ISP, FM93C46T, FM93C46T-ISP, FM93C46TL(Z), FM93C46TL(Z)-ISP, FM93C56, FM93C56A, FM93C56A - 8 BIT, FM93C56A-ISP, FM93C56A-ISP - 8 BIT, FM93C56A-ISP - 8 BIT, FM93C56AL(Z), FM93C56AL(Z) - 8 BIT, FM93C56AL(Z)-ISP, FM93C56-ISP, FM93C56L(Z), FM93C56L(Z)-ISP, FM93C66, FM93C66A, FM93C66A - 8 BIT, FM93C66A - 8 BIT, FM93C66A-ISP, FM93C66A-ISP - 8 BIT, FM93C66AL(Z), FM93C66AL(Z)-ISP, FM93C66AL(Z)-ISP - 8 BIT, FM93C66-ISP, FM93C66L(Z), FM93C66L(Z)-ISP, FM93C86A, FM93C86A - 8 bit, FM93C86A - 8 bit, FM93C86A-ISP, FM93C86A-ISP - 8 bit, FM93C86AL(Z), FM93C86AL(Z)-ISP, FM93C86AL(Z)-ISP - 8 bit, FM93CS46, FM93CS46L(Z), FM93CS56, FM93CS56L(Z), FM93CS66, FM93CS66L(Z)
  • Fixed registry access bug in NT based systems which prevented saving of device type setting
  • Fixed colours of main window display under Win XP
  • Added more feedback in Manual Programming dialog if programming fails

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.74 (4 Sept 2003)

  • Added PMC Pm39LV020 and Pm39LV040
  • Modified PSD954 ISP routines with slower clocks

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.73 (27 August 2003)

  • Added Spansion Am29LV128MH and Am29LV128ML

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.72 (15 August 2003)

  • Added Texas Instruments TIBPAL22V10-NT, TIBPAL22V10-FN, TIBPAL22V10A-NT, TIBPAL22V10A-FN
  • Added Manual Specials for Model 200 to scripting.

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.71 (8 August 2003)

  • Added EPM7032S JAM in AD570
  • Added ATtiny11, ATtiny11L, ATtiny12, ATtiny12L, ATtiny12V, ATtiny26, ATtiny26L
  • Added ST M25P10-A, M25P20, M25P40
  • Added ST M25P05-A, M25P10-A, M25P20, M25P40 as ISP
    See App Note 30702
  • Added PMC Pm25LV512, Pm25LV010 as ISP
    See App Note 30702
  • Added XC9536, XC9536XL, XC9536XV JAM in AD570
  • Added XC9536, XC9536XL, XC9536XV JAM and XSVF using JTAG
  • Added XC9572, XC9572XL, XC9572XV JAM in AD570
  • Added XC9572, XC9572XL, XC9572XV JAM and XSVF using JTAG
  • Added XC95108, XC95144, XC95216, XC95288 JAM and XSVF in JTAG
  • Added XC95144XL, XC95288XL JAM and XSVF in JTAG
  • Added XC95144XV, XC95288XV JAM and XSVF in JTAG
  • Added P89C58X2, P89C54X2, P89C52X2, P89C51X2
  • Added Altera EPCS1, EPCS4 in socket and ISP
    See App Note 30701

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.68 (25 June 2003)

  • Added AD570 versions of IS pinout EPROMs
  • Added AD570 versions of many 8751 parts
  • Added ST M29F002BT, M29F002BB
  • Added Hynix HY29F002T

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.67 (12 June 2003)

  • Added PMC Pm39F020, Pm39F040
  • Added Atmel ATtiny15L-P and ATtiny15L-S

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.66 (29 May 2003)

  • Added Winbond W78E58B and improved W78E516B
  • Improved erase function for PIC16(L)F87xA.
  • Added SyncMOS SM8958AC-P, SM8958AC-J, SM8958AC-Q

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.65 (20 May 2003)

  • Added Mitsubishi M30626FHPFP/GP, M30627FHPGP
  • Added Intel E28F320J5
  • Added Atmel ATF22V10C, ATF22V10CQ, ATF22V10CZ, ATF22V10CQZ
    Support for files with 5828, 5892, and 5893 fuses.
  • Added Atmel ATF22V10B, ATF22V10BQ, ATF22V10BQL
    Supports files with 5892 fuses.

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.64 (13 May 2003)

  • Added Fuj MBM29LV160TE and MBM29LV160BE

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.63 (9 May 2003)

  • HD6475368CP10 addr group fixed
  • Added sector locking to Am29LV002(-4/-8)(B)B/T
  • Added NEC uPD70F3015BGC, uPD70F3015BYGC, uPD70F3017AGC, uPD70F3017AYGC, uPD70F3017AF1 and uPD70F3017AYF1
  • Added Atmel AT29C257

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.62 (23 Apr 2003)

  • Improved PIC16F627/8
  • Fixed c/s of uPD78P064

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.61 (14 Apr 2003)

  • Added AMD Am29LV320MT, Am29LV320MB
  • Added Hitachi HD6475368CP10

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.60 (10 Apr 2003)

  • Added PSD954F2V using OBJ file (JTAG)
  • Added PSD954F2V using OBJ file (AD671-2)
  • ATF16V8B/BQ/BQL id problem (on some parts) fixed

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.58 (17 Mar 2003)

  • MQP code of XC17256E corrected
  • PIC16F872 does automatic blank check / erase
  • Fixed display of lock bits and size of EEPROM in PIC16F627, PIC16F628

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.57 (12 Mar 2003)

  • Added Winbond W741E201, W741E202, W741E203, W741E204, W741E205, W741E260

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.56 (11 Mar 2003)

  • Fixed config reporting in PIC16C5x

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.54 (5 Mar 2003)

  • Improved Atmel 29C1024 reading
  • Added Intel 28F320J3A

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.52 (19 Feb 2003)

  • Added ST PSD813F1 PSD813F2 PSD813F3 PSD813F4 PSD813F5 PSD833F2 PSD834F2 PSD853F2 PSD854F2
    PSD913F1 PSD913F2 PSD934F2 PSD954F2
    PSD813F1V PSD813F2V PSD813F3V PSD813F4V PSD813F5V PSD833F2V PSD834F2V PSD853F2V PSD854F2V
    PSD913F1V PSD913F2V PSD934F2V PSD954F2V as JTAG using JAM files
  • Added PLAY_JAM to Script mode.

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.51 (19 Feb 2003)

  • Added Calculator icon to toolbar
  • Fixed blankcheck / erase in SST89C5x
  • Fixed bug in ATF16V8B programming

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.50 (12 Feb 2003)

  • Added Dallas DS87C530
  • Corrected ID of M29W800DT/B
  • Fixed bug: XCR3128XL in AD654

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.49 (4 Feb 2003)

  • Added Atmel AT89C2051x2
  • Added Atmel ATF16V8B, ATF16V8BQ, ATF16V8BQL
  • Added SST SST89C54 and SST89C58

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.48 (27 Jan 2003)

  • Added Microchip PIC12LC508, PIC12LC509, PIC16LF74, PIC16LC505, PIC16LC717

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.47 (24 Jan 2003)

  • Fixed status erase bug in P89C51Rx2 (not 'H)
  • Fixed lock special in C504 derived parts
  • Added Winbond W49V002FA
  • Added ST M29F800DT, M29F800DT (new ID)
  • Added ST M28W160CT, M28W160CB

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.46 (7 Jan 2003)

  • Added Siemens SDA545XOTP

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.45 (6 Jan 2003)

  • Added Philips P89C51RA2, P89C51RB2, P89C51RC2, P89C51RD2 (all with no 'H suffix). Original parts now have 'H suffix to distinguish them. Please read PROMDRIVER's device notes for the new parts before using them.

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.44 (6 Dec 2002)

  • Added Mitsubishi M30620FCAFP, M30620FCFP, M30620FCLFP, M30620FCMFP, M30620FCNFP, M30624FGAFP, M30624FGFP, M30624FGLFP, M30624FGMFP, M30624FGNFP
  • Added Altera EPM3032A, EPM3064A, EPM3128A, EPM3256A, EPM3512A, EPM7032S, EPM7160S, EPM7192S, EPM7256S, EPM7032AE, EPM7064AE, EPM7128A, EPM7128AE, EPM7256A, EPM7256AE, EPM7512AE, EPM7032B, EPM7064B, EPM7128B, EPM7256B, EPM7512B, EPM9320, EPM9320A, EPM9400, EPM9480, EPM9560, EPM9560A

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.43 (15 Nov 2002)

  • Added Hitachi HD64738024
  • Added Intel TE28F320C3TC/BC
  • Added Mitsubishi M37531E4FP, M37531E8FP, M37532E8FP, M37534E8FP, M37540E2FP, M37540E8FP
  • Added PMC Pm25LV512, PM25LV010
  • Added AMD Am29LV320DT/B
  • Added Atmel ATtiny28L and ATtiny28V
  • Added AMD Am29SL400CT and Am29SL400CB
  • Added (to database) AMD Am29F200BB, Am29F200BT, Am29F800AB, Am29F800AT, Am29F800BB, Am29F800BT,
  • Added Intel AB28F200BX-B, AB28F200BX-T

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.41 (23 Oct 2002)

  • Added S-T M29F800AT, M29F800AB
  • Added AMD 29LV017B, 29LV017C, 29LV017D

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.40 (14 Oct 2002)

  • Added PIC16F873A, PIC16F874A, PIC16F876A, PIC16F877A, PIC16LF873A,
    PIC16LF874A, PIC16LF876A, PIC16LF877A and ISP versions
  • Added AT24RF08C (14 pin TSSOP version)
  • Added M29W040B

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.38 (30 Sept 2002)

  • Added S-T M35080
  • Fixed problem caused by silicon signature method change on SST29EE512 / 010 / 020 parts
  • Added PMC Pm49FL002, Pm49FL004, Pm49FL008
  • Added SST49LF002A, SST49LF003A, SST49LF004A, SST49LF008A

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.36 (20 Sept 2002)

  • Added PMC Pm39LV010R, Pm39F010
  • Added SST25VF512, SST25VF010, SST25VF020, SST25VF040
  • Speeded up AT25F1024 and S-T 25P05
  • Added Fujitsu MB89P637

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.35 (9 Sept 2002)

  • Bug fix PIC auto lock

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.34 (21 Aug 2002)

  • Added Hitachi HD64F3437F16, HD64F3437TF16
  • Added Hitachi HD64F3437SF16, HD64F3437STF16
  • Added Hitachi HD64F3062F / TE / FP / RF / RTE / RFP / RVF / RVTE / RVFP / BF / BTE / BFP
  • Added Xilinx XCR3128XL, JTAG and adapter
  • Added S-T M29W800DT, M29W800DB

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.33 (3 July 2002)

  1. Fixed bug in Set Blank Check Value
  2. Added PMC Pm37LV512, Pm39LV512R, Pm29F002B, Pm29F002T, Pm29F004B, Pm29F004T
  3. Added Xilinx XC17S05XL, XC17S10XL, XC17S20XL, XC17S30XL, XC17S40XL, XC17S50XL, XC17S100XL, XC17S150XL

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.29 (10 June 2002)

  1. Added Hitachi HD64F3434F, HD64F3434TF (including locking function)

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.28 (6 June 2002)

  1. Added AT89C51RC
  2. Added S-T M25P05-A
  3. Added AMD 29F400BT/BB
  4. Improved PIC microcontroller special setting support

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.26 (21 May 2002)

  1. Added Microchip PIC17C752, PIC17C756(A), PIC17C762, PIC17C766
  2. Modified PIC17C4x Configuration Read function - now reads unused bits too.
  3. Modified all 25xxx specials for compatibility with S2000

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.25 (15 May 2002)

  1. Improved PIC18Fxxx In-System Programming, and Configuration Word Setting

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.24 (14 May 2002)

  1. Fixed Specials (Osc setting) for PIC18xxxx

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.23 (9 May 2002)

  1. Added Philips P89C668
  2. Added Microchip PIC18F242/248/252/258/442/448/452/458 and ISP versions
  3. Added Atmel AT25F512, AT25F1024
  4. Corrected blank check/skt empty/sets logic for pm48 - recently broken

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.22 (8 Apr 2002)

  1. Added Microchip PIC16LF873, PIC16LF874, PIC16LF876, PIC16LF877 as ISP
  2. Added SST SST39SF040

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.21 (11 Mar 2002)

  1. Fixed broken manual programming, broken in V4.20

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.20 (11 Mar 2002)

  1. Added Atmel AT24C128-2.7, AT24C128-1.8, AT24C256-2.7, AT24C256-1.8,
    AT24C512-2.7, AT24C512-1.8, AT24C1024-2.7 (in socket and ISP)
  2. Added S-T M24C64 (-R) (-W) (in socket and ISP)
  3. Added PIC18C601, PIC18C801, PIC18C242, PIC18C442, PIC18C252, PIC18C452, PIC18C658, PIC18C858

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.18 (20 Feb 2002)

  1. Added Philips P87C51S/U
  2. Added NEC 78F0034 in AD618
  3. Added Intel DT28F800F3T/B, DT28F160F3T/B
  4. Added Philips PCD6002H/2
  5. Added Atmel T89C51CC02-M, T89C51CC02-L
  6. Added Checksum Verify Function to Pin-Master 48 Script mode

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.16 (4 Feb 2002)

  1. Added S-T M24128-B, M24256-B, M24128-BV, M24256-BV, M24128-BW,
    M24256-BW, M24128-BS, M24256-BS, M24512, M24512-W, M24512-S
  2. Added same parts for In System Programming using JTAG/ISP socket.

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.15 (1 Feb 2002)

  1. Added button to Specials dialog for most PIC micros to check meaning of configuration word in file.
  2. Added Winbond W29C040
  3. Added Winbond W49F002A, W49F002U
  4. Added 24Cxx Family parts for In System Programming using JTAG/ISP socket, as follows:
    Atmel AT24C01-P, AT24C01-S, AT24C01A-P, AT24C01A-S, AT24C21-P, AT24C21-S, AT24C02-P, AT24C02-S, AT24C02N-S, AT24C04-P, AT24C04-S, AT24C04N-S, AT24C08-P, AT24C08-S, AT24C08N-S, AT24C16-P, AT24C16-S, AT24C164-P, AT24C164-S, AT24C16N-S, AT24C32-P, AT24C32-S, AT24C32N-S, AT24C32W-S, AT24C64-P, AT24C64-S, AT24C64-T, AT24C64N-S, AT24C64W-S
    Catalyst CAT24C02AJ, CAT24C02AJ14, CAT24C02AP, CAT24C02J, CAT24C02J14, CAT24C02P, CAT24LC02AJ, CAT24LC02AJ14, CAT24LC02AP, CAT24LC02J, CAT24LC02J14, CAT24LC02P, CAT24C04J, CAT24C04J14, CAT24C04P, CAT24LC04J, CAT24LC04J14, CAT24LC04P, CAT24C08J, CAT24C08J14, CAT24C08P, CAT24LC08J, CAT24LC08J14, CAT24LC08P, CAT24C16J, CAT24C16J14, CAT24C16P, CAT24LC16J, CAT24LC16J14, CAT24LC16P
    Holt HT24C02, HT24C02, HT24C02, HT24LC02, HT24LC02, HT24LC02, HT24C04, HT24C04, HT24C04, HT24LC04, HT24LC04, HT24LC04, HT24C08, HT24C08, HT24LC08, HT24LC08, HT24C16, HT24C16, HT24LC16, HT24LC16
    Issi IS24C02-3G, IS24C02-3P, IS24C02-3Z, IS24C02-G, IS24C02-P, IS24C04-3G, IS24C04-3P, IS24C04-G, IS24C04-P
    Microchip 24AA00/OT, 24AA00/P, 24AA00/SN, 24AA00/ST, 24C00/OT, 24C00/P, 24C00/SN, 24C00/ST, 24LC00/OT, 24LC00/P, 24LC00/SN, 24LC00/ST, 24AA01/P, 24AA01/SN, 24C01A/P, 24C01A/SN, 24LC01/P, 24LC01/SN, 24LC01B/OT, 24LC01B/P, 24LC01B/SN, 24LC01B/ST, 85C72/P, 85C72/SM, 24AA02/P, 24AA02/SN, 24C02A/P, 24C02A/SN, 24LC02/P, 24LC02/SN, 24LC02B/P, 24LC02B/SN, 85C82/P, 85C82/SM, 24AA04/P, 24AA04/SN, 24C04A/P, 24C04A/SN, 24LC04/P, 24LC04/SN, 24LC04B/P, 24LC04B/SN, 85C92/P, 85C92/SN, 24AA08/P, 24AA08/SN, 24C08B/P, 24C08B/SN, 24LC08B/P, 24LC08B/SN, 24AA16/P, 24AA16/SN, 24AA164/P, 24AA164/SN, 24C16/P, 24C16/SN, 24C16B/P, 24C16B/SN, 24LC16/P, 24LC16/SN, 24LC164/P, 24LC164/SN, 24LC16B/P, 24LC16B/SN, 24AA32/P, 24AA32/SN, 24C32/P, 24C32/SM, 24LC32/P, 24LC32/SM, 24C65/P, 24C65/SM, 24AA128-P, 24AA128-SM, 24AA128-SN, 24AA128-ST, 24AA128-ST14, 24FC128-P, 24FC128-SM, 24FC128-SN, 24FC128-ST, 24FC128-ST14, 24LC128-P, 24LC128-SM, 24LC128-SN, 24LC128-ST, 24LC128-ST14, NS NM24C02-M, NM24C02-M8, NM24C02-N
    Ramtron FM24C04-P, FM24C04-S, FM24C16-P, FM24C16-S, FM24CL16-P, FM24CL16-S, FM24C64-P, FM24C64-S
    Rohm BR24C01A, BR24C01AF, BR24C01AFV, BR24C02, BR24C02F, BR24C02FV, BR24C04, BR24C04F, BR24C04FV, BR24C08, BR24C08F, BR24C08FV, BR24C16,
    BR24C16F, BR24C16FV, BR24E16, BR24E16F, BR24E16FV
    S-T ST24C01-B, ST24C01-M, ST24C02-B, ST24C02-M, ST24C02A-B, ST24C02A-M,
    ST24C04-B, ST24C04-M, ST24C08-B, ST24C08-M, ST24C16-B, ST24C16-ML, ST24C16C-B, ST24C16C-ML, ST24E166, ST24E16B, ST24E16M, M24C32-BN, M24C32-DW, M24C32-MN, M24C32-MW, M24C32-WBN, M24C32-WDW, M24C32-WMN, M24C32-WMW, ST24E32-B, ST24E32-M, M24128-BN, M24128-MN, M24128-MW, M24128-RBN, M24128-RMN, M24128-RMW, M24128-WBN, M24128-WMN, M24128-WMW, M24256-BN, M24256-MW, M24256-RBN, M24256-RMW, M24256-WBN, M24256-WMW
    Xicor X24C01-P, X24C01-S, X2402-D, X2402-P, X2402-S, X2402I-D, X2402I-P, X2402I-S, X24C02-P, X24C02-S8, X2404-P, X2404-S, X2404I-P, X2404I-S, X2404M-P, X2404M-S, X24C04-P, X24C04-S8, X24C16-P, X24C16-S14, X24C16-S8

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.14 (21 Jan 2002)

  1. Added MX27C8000
  2. Improved 29DL32x and 29LV641 special words (re: factory lock)
  3. Fixed problem with TMS370 parts larger than 16K EPROM

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.13 (14 Jan 2002)

  1. Fixed problem with 89C4051 family

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.12 (9 Jan 2002)

  1. Added Verify-Compare function which outputs list of differences between a device and a file.
  2. Added Philips P85LPC762, P85LPC764, P85LPC767, P85LPC768, P85LPC769,
    P87LPC762, P87LPC764, P87LPC767, P87LPC768, P87LPC769
    for programming in socket or using ISP connector.
  3. Added ICT PEEL22LV10AZ, PEEL22LV10AZ+ and PEEL22LV10AZ++
  4. Fixed problem with recent version of PEEL22V10
  5. Added Am29LV641DL and Am29LV641DH

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.10 (5 Dec 2001)

  1. Added Microchip PIC16C717, PIC16C770, PIC16C771, PIC16C781, PIC16C782
    for programming in socket, or ISP.
  2. Read function now only read actual bytes; intermediate non-existant bytes are not saved in suitable formats like Intel Hex.

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.09 (27 Nov 2001)

  1. Added Xilinx XCR3032XL, XCR3064XL in Adapters and via ISP
  2. Modified read function so that devices with gaps in address space do not generate bytes in the gaps in the file.

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.08 (20 Nov 2001)

  1. Fixed some missing erase functions which disappeared in V4.07

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.07 (14 Nov 2001)

  1. Added Zilog Z86D86

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.05 (16 Oct 2001)

  1. Added S-T M27V322
  2. Replaced missing PIC16F873/4/6/7 which had disappeared!

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.03 (11 Sept 2001)

  1. Command line script option added

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.02 (7 Sept 2001)

  1. Added Atmel AT89S51, AT89S52
  2. Added Microchip PIC16F73, PIC16F74, PIC16F76, PIC16F77, and ISP versions
  3. Improved PIC device notes
  4. Added ID check to PCD509x7

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.01 (2 August 2001)

  1. Fixed E512 programming.

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V4.00 (30 July 2001)

  1. Fixed P89C51RD2 x12 clock behaviour

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V3.99 (25 July 2001)

  1. Added Microchip PIC16C72A and PIC16C72A-ISP
  2. Added File Compare function

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V3.98 (12 July 2001)

  1. Added Winbond 77E58
  2. Added ST M29W160DB, M29W160DT
  3. Fixed erase on Winbond 78E54/58 (was incorrectly reported as failing)

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V3.96 (28 June 2001)

  1. Fixed read file size for PIC12C67x to include configuration word.

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V3.95 (22 June 2001)

  1. Added Atmel AT49LV1024, AT49F1024
  2. Added Winbond W49L102
  3. Fixed config bytes on 16F87x
  4. Added Atmel AT27C4096

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V3.92 (1 June 2001)

  1. Added SST SST37VF040
  2. Added Ramtron FM24C04, FM24C16, FM24CL16, FM24C64
  3. Added Ramtron FM25040, FM25C160, FM25640
  4. Added RAMTRON FM1608, FM1808, FM18L08
  5. Fixed specials (readback status) on 25080 and 25160 parts

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V3.91 (29 May 2001)

  1. Fixed bug in Re-arrange bits function

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V3.90 (24 May 2001)

  1. Added SST SST39LF200A, SST39LF400A, SST39LF800A, SST39VF200A, SST39VF400A, SST39VF800A

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V3.89 (15 May 2001)

  1. Added Toshiba TMP87PH47U, TMP87PH47LU
  2. Added Mitsubishi M34570E8FP
  3. Modified reading of serial PIC configuration word to display all implemented bits without masking, rather than masking as required for checksum calculation.
  4. Microchip PIC16C745, PIC16C745-ISP, PIC16C765 and PIC16C765-ISP oscillator settings corrected.
  5. Added Microchip PIC16(L)F627, PIC16(L)F627 (ISP), PIC16(L)F628, PIC16(L)F628 (ISP)
  6. Added AMD Am29LV010B
  7. Improved specials for PIC12C671, PIC12C672, PIC12C673, PIC12CE674
  8. Added SOT package illustration.
  9. Allowed manual program past end of code in PICs (eg id, config, data).

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V3.88 (9 May 2001)

  1. EPM7064S fix when using AD359.
  2. Added S-T M27V160-F, M27V160-B and M27V160-M.
  3. Added Microchip PIC16C773, PIC16C773-ISP, PIC16C774, PIC16C774-ISP PIC16C745, PIC16C745-ISP, PIC16C765 and PIC16C765-ISP
  4. Added Microchip PIC16C54C, PIC16C55A, PIC16C57C
  5. Improved Microchip PIC16C54B, PIC16C56A, PIC16C58B

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V3.87 (4 May 2001)

  1. Modifications to report files.
  2. Possible NT improvement.

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V3.86 (23 Apr 2001)

  1. Added Atmel AT93C46R-S Catalyst CAT93C46J, ISSI IS93C46-3G, Microchip 93C46X, SGS-Thomson ST93C46TB, ST93C46TM8
  2. Added Holtek HT27C512, HT27LC512, HT27C010, HT27LC010, HT27C020, HT27LC020
  3. Added Holtek HT93LC46, HT93LC46-A, HT93LC46-A 8 BIT, HT93LC46-B 8 BIT, HT93LC46 8 BIT, HT93LC56, HT93LC56-A, HT93LC56-B, HT93LC56-C, HT93LC56-D, HT93LC56 8 BIT, HT93LC56-A 8 BIT, HT93LC56-B 8 BIT, HT93LC66, HT93LC66-A, HT93LC66-B, HT93LC66-C, HT93LC66-D, HT93LC66 8 BIT, HT93LC66-A 8 BIT, HT93LC66-B 8 BIT
  4. Added Holtek HT24C02, HT24LC02, HT24C04, HT24LC04, HT24C08, HT24LC08, HT24C16, HT24LC16
  5. Added Altera EPM7064SL-44 using adapter AD359 and EPM7064SL-44 using adapter AD570

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V3.85 (12 Apr 2001)

  1. Improved performance on all 93Cx6 parts
  2. Added Philips P89C51RD2, P89C51RC2, P89C51RB2, P89C660, P89C662, P89C664 and P89C668
  3. Enhanced specials on Philips P89C51RA+, P89C51RB+P 89C51RC+ P89C51RD+, 89C52, 89C54, 89C58
  4. Added Atmel AT49LV1025

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V3.84 (30 Mar 2001)

  1. Added Hyundai HY29F040A

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V3.83 (26 Mar 2001)

  1. Added AMD Am29DL322DT, Am29DL323DT, Am29DL324DT, Am29DL322DB, Am29DL323DB and Am29DL324DB
  2. Added Fujitsu MBM29DL321TD, MBM29DL322TD, MBM29DL323TD, MBM29DL324TD MBM29DL321BD, MBM29DL322BD, MBM29DL323BD, MBM29DL324BD
  3. Added LATTICE GAL22V10D. Algorithm now includes the UES. All Lattice GAL22V10 parts will now accept Jedec files with either 5828 or 5892 fuses.
  4. Added latest ICT algorithm revisions to 22CV10AZ

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V3.82 (14 Mar 2001)

  1. Added NEC 78F4938AGF, 78F0058GC, 178F098GF

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V3.80 (8 Feb 2001)

  1. Fixed bug in 68HC705P6A programming

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V3.79 (7 Feb 2001)

  1. Added Xilinx XC9536
  2. Added Intel P28F002BC
  3. Added PIC16F870, PIC16F871, PIC16F872 (programmer socket and ISP versions)
  4. Added PIC16C62B and PIC16C63A (programmer socket and ISP versions)
  5. Added Zilog Z86E30 and Z86E31

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V3.78 (21 Dec 2000)

  1. Speeded programming of Macronix MX29L1611
  2. Added Macronix MX29L3211
  3. Added Hitachi HD64F3642H and HD64F3642P
  4. Fixed noise problem on S-T M29F010B
  5. Added futher editing functions (Windows version):-
    • Find function
    • Added Left Double click to select byte or word
    • Added 'new' file size specification dialog

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V3.77 (11 Dec 2000)

  1. Added futher editing functions (Windows version):-
    • Undo function
    • Block checksum
    • Rearrange bits
    • 'New' file function
  2. Edit Toolbar split off from standard toolbar (Windows version)

PROMDRIVER (PDW and PD4) V3.76 (30 Nov 2000)

  1. Added Atmel 87F55WD
  2. Enabled ID on 89C55WD
  3. Corrected id on Philips 87c528, according to latest data sheet
  4. Fixed Intel 28F001BX-B

PROMDRIVER (PDW and PD4) V3.75 (28 Nov 2000)

  1. Added Intel 28F320C3
  2. Added Hitachi HD6473827RH, HD6473847RH
  3. Added futher editing functions (Windows version):-
    • Fill block with value
    • Kill block
    • Copy block
    • Paste block
    • Add page / Set file size

PROMDRIVER (PDW and PD4) V3.74 (20 Nov 2000)

  1. Added Atmel AT27C2048-J, AT27C2048-P, AT27C2048-V
  2. Added Atmel AT17C(/LV)65/128/256-N (8 pin soic)
  3. Added Temic T89C51RD2
  4. Added File Editing capability (Windows version). Includes edit by overtype, and patching from .IPS files.

PROMDRIVER (PDW and PD4) V3.70 (19 Oct 2000)

  1. Added Microchip PIC17C42/42A/43/44
  2. Added Microchip PIC17C42/42A/43/44 in Adapter AD570
  3. Added Microchip PIC16C65B

PROMDRIVER (PDW and PD4) V3.68 (6 Oct 2000)

  1. Fixed checksum on M34282.

PROMDRIVER (PDW and PD4) V3.67 (29 Sept 2000)

  1. Added Atmel 89C55WD
  2. (Windows Only) More parts have package details.
  3. Device list allows sorting.

PROMDRIVER (PDW and PD4) V3.66 (26 Sept 2000)

  1. Added Hitachi HD4074224
  2. Added HMK (set adapter number) command
  3. Added Infineon C541U-1E
  4. Added MC68HC705J2 and MC68HC705J2 AS J1
  5. Added Am29F010B
  6. Added Mitsubishi M34282E

PROMDRIVER (PDW and PD4) V3.65 (6 Sept 2000)

  1. Added Motorola MC68HC705J1A.
  2. (Windows) Added package selection info to many types (with illustrations).
  3. (Windows) Added various file format options.

PROMDRIVER (PDW and PD4) V3.64 (17 August 2000)

  1. Allowed Temporary Unprotect function on MX29F001/2

PROMDRIVER (PDW and PD4) V3.63 (17 August 2000)

  1. Fixed s/w to allow '160 parts to use AD562.

PROMDRIVER (PDW and PD4) V3.62 (15 August 2000)

  1. Added AMD Am29LV040B
  2. Added FUJ MBM29LV040B
  3. Added Motorola MC68HC705K1

PROMDRIVER (PDW and PD4) V3.61 (31 July 2000)

  1. Added Cypress CY7C63200-PC, CY7C63201-PC, CY7C66011-PVC, CY7C66011-PC, CY7C64011-SC, CY7C64011-PC, CY7C64111-PVC, CY7C66012-PVC, CY7C66012-PC, CY7C64012-SC, CY7C64012-PC, CY7C64112-PVC
  3. (Windows Only) Added EPM7064S JAM JTAG
  4. (Windows Only) 0 length binary files recently started to cause illegal op- fixed
  5. (Windows Only) Fixed operation on JAM version 2 files.

Windows - PDW V3.59 (20 July 2000)

  1. Added sector locking/unlocking specials to S-T M29F400T, M29F400B
  2. Added S-T M29F400BT, M29F400BB
  3. Added Hyundai HY29F800TT, HY29F800BT

Windows - PDW V3.58 (17 July 2000)

  1. Eliminated a communications problem caused by rogue printer drivers
  2. Added Erase and Boot Block Locking to Atmel AT29C020, AT29C040 and Winbond W29C020
  3. Fixed no of bytes data eeprom in 16F87x parts

Windows - PDW V3.57 (5 July 2000)

  1. Added Microchip PIC16C715
  3. Added OKI MR27V1602DRA DIP MR27V1602DMA SOP

Windows - PDW V3.56 (3 July 2000)

  1. Added Atmel AT49F002, AT49F002N, AT49F002T, AT49F002NT
  2. Fixed special on W29C020

Windows - PDW V3.55 (23 June 2000)

  1. Added Motorola MC68HC908GP32
  2. Added Philips PCD50957H
  3. Added ATmega603, ATmega603L, ATmega103, ATmega103L
  4. Fixed PIC16F505,16F873,16F874,16F876,16F877 (ISP only) bug.
  5. Added Atmel AT49F1614, AT49F1614T
  6. Added Hyundai HY29F400T, HY29F400B

Windows - PDW V3.54 (19 May 2000)

  1. Added Motorola MC68HC711D3P, MC68HC711D3S and MC68HC711D3FN

Windows - PDW V3.53 (14 May 2000)

  1. Added Xilinx XCR3032-##PC44, XCR3032-##VQ44, XCR3032A-##PC44, XCR3032A-##VQ44, XCR3032C-##PC44, XCR3032C-##VQ44, XCR5032-##PC44, XCR5032-##VQ44, XCR5032C-##PC44, XCR5032C-##VQ44, XCR3064-##PC44, XCR3064-##VQ44, XCR3064A-##PC44, XCR3064A-##VQ44, XCR5064-##PC44, XCR5064-##VQ44, XCR5064C-##PC44 and XCR5064C-##VQ44
  2. Added Philips PZ3064-?S##A44 and PZ3064-?S##BC
  3. Added Altera EPM7032SL?44 as EPM7032
  4. Added Altera EPM7032SL?44
  5. Added Motorola MC68HC705BE12

Windows - PDW V3.52 (20 Apr 2000)

  1. Added AMD Am29LV200T, Am29LV200B

Windows - PDW V3.51 (19 Apr 2000)

  1. Fixed script bugs:-
    • where it created file on testing for its existence
    • comms error after auto type select found no device in socket
    • incorrect action after setting invalid mqpcode

PROMDRIVER (PDW) V3.50 (14 Apr 2000)

  1. Script File Function Added.

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V3.14 (10 Apr 2000)

  1. Added Atmel AT90S1200, AT90S2313, AT90S2333, AT90LS2333, AT90S4433, AT90LS4433, AT90S4414, AT90S8515, AT90S4434, AT90LS4434, AT90S8535 and AT90LS8535
  2. Added Cypress CY7C63000A-PC, CY7C63000A-SC, CY7C63001A-PC, CY7C63001A-WC, CY7C63101A-WC, CY7C63101A-SC, CY7C63101A-QC, CY7C63001A-SC, CY7C63100A-SC , CY7C63413-WC, CY7C63413-PC, CY7C63412-PC, CY7C63411-PC, CY7C63413-WVC, CY7C63513-WVC, CY7C63411-PVC, CY7C63412-PVC, CY7C63413-PVC, CY7C63511-PVC, CY7C63512-PVC, CY7C63513-PVC, CY7C63612-SC, CY7C63613-SC, CY7C66013-PVC, CY7C66013-PC, CY7C64013-SC, CY7C64013-PC, CY7C64113-PVC, CY7C65013-PVC, CY7C65113-SC, CY7C65013-PC and CY7C65113-PC
  3. Added OKI MR27V3252D
  4. Added Fujitsu MBM29LV650UE-##TN, MBM29LV651UE-##TN
  5. Added S-T M29F010B
  6. Added S-T M29W800T and S-T M29W800B
  7. Added Atmel AT49BV001, AT49BV001N, AT49BV001T, AT49BV001NT, AT49LV001, AT49LV001N, AT49LV001T, AT49LV001NT AT49BV002, AT49BV002N, AT49BV002T, AT49BV002NT, AT49LV002, AT49LV002N, AT49LV002T, AT49LV002NT
  8. Fixed bug in driver for NT which affected the programming of EEPROMs with a long byte program time.

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V3.13 (3 Mar 2000)

  1. Added Fujitsu MB90F652, MB90F497
  2. Added Microchip 24C00, 24LC00, 24AA00
  3. Added S-T M27C202
  4. Added ST6370

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V3.12 (3 Mar 2000)

  1. Added Infineon SAB-C515C-8E, SAF-C515C-8E, SAH-C515C-8E

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V3.11 (28 Feb 2000)

  1. Added NEC uPD75F4264, uPD75F4264A
  2. Added SST37VF020
  3. Windows Version - Improved function of Repeat button work in Pin-Master 48 Report dialog.

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V3.10 (15 Feb 2000)

  1. Added Winbond W78E516B

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V3.09 (11 Feb 2000)

  1. Windows Version - Added (Currently JAM file format only): Cypress CY37032P44 JTAG, CY37032P44 AD570, CY37032VP44 AD570, CY37064P44 AD570, CY37064VP44 AD570

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V3.08 (9 Feb 2000)

  1. Added Microchip 24AA128, 24LC128, 24FC128
  2. Windows Version - Further improved handling of larger JAM files
  3. Windows Version - Fixed communications bug (introduced in V3.06) which prevented operation under NT
  4. Windows Version - Automatic set programming of proms function added
  5. Windows Version - Added (Currently JAM file format only): Cypress CY37032P44 JTAG, CY37032VP44 JTAG, CY37064P44 JTAG, CY37064P84 JTAG, CY37064P84 AD569, CY37064P100 JTAG, CY37064VP44 JTAG, CY37064VP84 JTAG, CY37064VP84 AD569, CY37064VP100 JTAG, CY37128P84 JTAG, CY37128P84 AD569, CY37128P100 JTAG, CY37128P160 JTAG, CY37128VP84 JTAG, CY37128VP84 AD569, CY37128VP100 JTAG, CY37128VP160 JTAG, CY37192P160 JTAG, CY37192VP160 JTAG, CY37256P160 JTAG, CY37256P208 JTAG, CY37256P256 JTAG, CY37256VP160 JTAG, CY37256VP208 JTAG, CY37256VP256 JTAG, CY37384P208 JTAG, CY37384P256 JTAG, CY37384VP208 JTAG, CY37384VP256 JTAG, CY37512P208 JTAG, CY37512P256 JTAG, CY37512P352 JTAG, CY37512VP208 JTAG, CY37512VP256 JTAG, CY37512VP352 JTAG

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V3.07 (1 Feb 2000)

  1. Fixed locking on 68HC705P6A
  2. Windows Version - Fixed bug dealing with JAM file with long lines
  3. Windows Version - Error reporting on JAM Files improved

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V3.06 (27 Jan 2000)

  1. Added AMD Am29F002T, B incl special
  2. Added EON EN29F002(N)T, B
  3. Added S-T M28256 and M28256-##W
  4. Fixed 68HC705P6 read function (didn't read MOR).
  5. Added 68HC705P6A
  6. Windows Version - Fized problem on programming 68HC705 variants
  7. Added uPD78P0308GF.
  8. Added Winbond W29C020, W29C020C
  9. Windows Version - fixed save file to set parameters to normal
  10. Windows Version - Added File Address function to file reading
  11. Windows Version - Removed recognition of Intel Hex zero length data record as end of file
  12. Windows Version - Added warnings if zero length record encountered, or no end of file record
  13. Windows Version - Fixed bug dealing with excessively large JAM file

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V3.05 (17 Jan 2000)

  1. JAM engine added with support for single devices via JTAG socket (not DOS)
  2. MX29F040 added (including sector locking)
  3. Added Hyundai GMS97C54
  4. Modified unlock sectors algorithm for 29F(LV)400 devices
  5. Added sector locking for AMD, TI, S-T, Fujitsu versions of 29F040
  6. Added S-T 29F040B
  7. Added EPM7128S JAM JTAG (not DOS)
  8. Odd / Even byte selection added to Windows version (already in DOS)
  9. Device data sorted by manufacturer

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V3.04 (24 Dec 99)

  1. Added Atmel AT17C512, AT17LV512, AT17C010, AT17LV010, AT17C020, AT17LV020, AT17C512A, AT17LV512A, AT17C010A, AT17LV010A, AT17C020A, AT17LV020A
  2. Fixed bug in data base for OKI 27V852
  3. Added SST 27SF512
  4. Modified power up procedure for PICs to give more reliable in-circuit programming of 16C877.

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V3.03 (10 Dec 99)

  1. Added Mosel Vitelic V29LC51000, V29LC51001, V29LC51002, V29C51000T, V29C51001T, V29C51002T, V29C51000B, V29C51001B, V29C51002B
  2. Windows version now displays checksum for EPC1 files

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V3.02 (2 Dec 99)

  1. Added Intel E28F002BC-T, E28F002BX-T and E28F002BX-B

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V3.00 (19 November 99)

  1. Added TIBPAL16L8-12/15/25, TIBPAL16R4-12/15/25, TIBPAL16R6-12/15/25, TIBPAL16R8-12/15/25
  2. Modification to ATF750 file mapping
  3. Windows version now supports System 2000 in addition to Pin-Master 48.
  4. Timeout value in port driver for Windows NT and Windows 2000 corrected.

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V2.17 (9 November 99)

  1. Fixed bug in mount check for AT29C512
  2. Added Cypress CY7C344B
  3. Added Atmel ATV750, ATV750L, ATV750B, ATV750BL, ATF750C, ATF750CL, ATF750LVC, ATF750LVCL, ATF750C(V750), ATF750CL(V750), ATF750LVC(V750), ATF750LVCL(V750), ATF750C(V750B), ATF750CL(V750B), ATF750LVC(V750B), ATF750LVCL(V750B), ATF750C(EXT), ATF750LVC(EXT)

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V2.16 (14 October 99)

  1. ST6 algorithm improvement.

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V2.15 (5 October 99)

  1. Added SGS-Thomson ST62E01C, ST62E18C, ST62E20C, ST62E28C, ST62E55B, ST62E60C, ST62E62B, ST62E62C, ST62E63B, ST62E65B, ST62E65C, ST62T00C, ST62T01C, ST62T03C, ST62T08C, ST62T09C, ST62T10C, ST62T15C, ST62T18C, ST62T20C, ST62T28C, ST62T52B, ST62T52C, ST62T53B, ST62T53C, ST62T55B, ST62T55C, ST62T60C, ST62T62B, ST62T62C, ST62T63B, ST62T63C, ST62T65B, ST62T65C (Windows version now includes EEPROM programming).

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V2.14 (22 September 99)

  1. Added NEC uPD78F0034 (complete cycle 2:33)
  2. Device type in status bar now coloured (Windows)
  3. Various write only devices improved logic of operations (Windows)
  4. Reads on many devices speeded by calculating checksum locally (Windows)
  5. Fixed specials display for 16LF84

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V2.13 (16 September 99)

  1. Added Motorola MC68HC711PA8, MC68HC711PB8
  2. Occasional intermittant read on PIC16C505 fixed
  3. Added Zilog Z86E72, Z86E73
  4. Added SST 29EE020
  5. Added Microchip PIC16F873, PIC16F874, PIC16F876, PIC16F877
  6. Modified PC89C51RD+ code to allow lock bit read (3 bytes after code now show STATUS, VECTOR, LOCK BITS (Windows only)
  7. Added Atmel AT17C65, AT17C65A, AT17C128, AT17C128A, AT17C256, AT17C256A, AT17LV65, AT17LV65A, AT17LV128, AT17LV128A, AT17LV256, AT17LV256A

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V2.12 (31 August 99)

  1. Added PIC12C671, PIC12C672, PIC12CE673, PIC12CE674
  2. Added In circuit programming for PIC12C671, PIC12C672, PIC12CE673, PIC12CE674

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V2.11 (20 August 99)

  1. Added Hitachi HD64F3048
  2. Added TEMIC 87251G1A
  3. Added Atmel AT49BV040, AT49LV040
  4. Added Xilinx 1702L and 1704L
  5. (Windows Only) Fixed 'scroll display of large files' problem introduced in V2.10

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V2.10 (16 August 99)

  1. Added SST 39SF512, 39SF010, 39SF020, 39VF512, 39VF010, 39VF020, 39VF040, 39LH512, 39LH010, 39LH020, 39LH040
  2. Added Atmel AT49F001, AT49F001N, AT49F001T, AT49F001NT
  3. Modified Philips PCD509x7 algorithm.

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V2.07 (05 August 99)

  1. Added S-T ST27C322

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V2.06 (04 August 99)

  1. Added NEC uPD78P064GC

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V2.05 (03 August 99)

  1. Added PIC16C505

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V2.04 (29 July 99)

  1. Added S-T M29F105B
  2. Added Rohm BR24C01A, BR24C02, BR24C04, BR24C08, BR24E16, BR24C16 Added Rohm BR93LL46F, BR93LL46FV, BR93LC46, BR93LC56, BR93LC66 Added Rohm BR9010, BR9020, BR9040
  3. Added BR29F200T, BU9877FV
  4. Added Rohm BR93LC46F, BR93LC56F, BR93LC66F
  5. Added Rohm BR93LC46FV, BR93LC56FV, BR93LC66FV
  6. Added Rohm BR9010F, BR9020F, BR9040F
  7. Added Rohm BR9010FV
  8. Added power up extra delay option to DOS version and Batch Mode

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V2.03 (19 July 99)

  1. Added AMD Am29F160DT, Am29F160DB
  2. Added Intel 28F200CV-T, 28F200CV-B, 28F200B5-T, 28F200B5-B
  3. Modified Philips 89C51RA+/RB+/RC+/RD+ Program function so that Status Byte and Boot Vector are automatically programmed to useful values. The Erase function resets the device for serial programing.
  4. PIC address reset function improved (certain PICs were slipping address by 1).

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V2.02 (12 July 99)

  1. Added Cypress PALCE16V8, PALCE20V8, PALCE22V10, PALC22V10D
  2. Reads on 28F400 parts improved.
  3. Reversed order of UES bits in AMD PALCE16V8 and PALCE20V8 to conform with new AMD interpretation.
  4. Added 8 bit access versions of Atmel and Catalyst 92C56 and 93C66
  5. Added power up extra delay option (currently windows only).

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V2.01 (29 June 99)

  1. EPC1 and EPC1441 added to Windows version.

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V2.00 (28 June 99)

  1. First version for 32 bit Windows.
  2. Added S-T M48Z08, M48Z18.
  3. Added Dallas DS1225.
  4. Algorithm for Z86E04/6/7/8 changed to 13V. Added 3 new specials.

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.99 (23 June 99)

  1. M29F102B added
  2. Fixed auto-type set problem introduced in V1.98
  3. Added Philips 87C552, 87C552S and 87C552U.

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.98 (14 June 99)

  1. Increased allowable verification voltage range.
  2. Added Microchip PIC16C620A, PIC16C621A, PIC16C622A, PIC16CE623, PIC16CE624, PIC16CE625, PIC16C74B
  3. Changed 50917/27 to a single lock function with Philips agreement.
  4. Added Philips PCD50937H
  5. Added ST M29W102BT, M29W102BB, M29F102B, M29F102BB, M28F220, M28F102N

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.97 (3 June 99)

  1. Added Sector specials to Am29LV160BT/BB
  2. Added Philips PCD50917H, PCD50927H
  3. Improved reading functions on 16 bit flash parts

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.95 (12 May 99)

  1. Improved PEEL erase/program function
  2. Added PALCE20RA10
  3. Added PEEL22CV10A+

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.94 (11 May 99)

  1. Fix specials on PEEL18CV8, 17xxx, 25040, 49F040, 77C82
  2. TMS370 - eeprom now always considered blank
  3. Added PEEL22CV10A

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.93 (5 May 99)

  1. Added Added Siemens C504-2E, C505CA-4E
  2. Added Rohm 24C01A, 24C02, 04, 08, E16, C16

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.92 ( 99)

  1. Added Philips P87C51FA, P87C51FB, P87C51FC, P87C51RA+, P87C51RB+, P87C51RC+, P87C51RD+, P87C52S/U, P87C54S/U, P87C58S/U
  2. Added OKI MSM27C802CZ

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.91 (23 Apr 99)

  1. Added Fujitsu MBM29F200TA, MBM29F200BA, MBM29F800TA, MBM29F800BA
  2. Added OKI MSM27C452CZ, MSM27C852CZ, MR27V852D, MR27V1652D
  3. Added SGT-T M24128, M24256, M24128-W, M24256-W, M24128-R, M24256-R
  4. Added Intel TE28F160B3-T, TE28F160B3-B, GT28F160B3-T, GT28F160B3-B

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.90 (13 Apr 99)

  1. Sector locking/unlocking for 29F100/200/400/800 B/T
  2. Added Fujitsu MBM29F400TC, MBM29F400BC
  3. Fixed recent auto-select bug which appeared in V1.88

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.89 (31 Mar 99)

  1. AT89C2051 algo improved
  2. More detailed names for (Am)PALs to aid correct selection

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.88 (29 Mar 99)

  1. AmPAL20L10 added
  2. AMD PAL support improved
  3. Fix to 82S123 algorithm

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.87 (23 Mar 99)

  1. Added Motorola MC68HC705RC16
  2. Added Mitsubishi M34238E, M34238E
  3. Added Intel 87C251SB

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.86 (18 Mar 99)

  1. Added 44 pin versions of Am29F100B, Am29F100T, Am29F200BT, Am29F200BB, Am29F400BT, Am29F400BB, Am29F800BT, Am29F800BB

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.84 (11 Mar 99)

  1. Added TEMIC TS87C51RA2, TS87C51RB2, TS87C51RC2, TS87C51RD2, TSC8754, TSC8758
  2. Added Motorola MC68HC11A1P, MC68HC11A8P
  3. Added Microchip PIC16F83, PIC16F84, PIC16F84A
  4. Added AMD Am29PL160CT, Am29PL160CB, 44 pin version (AD367)
  5. Added Fujitsu MBM29PL160TD, MBM29PL160BD 44 pin versions (AD367)
  6. Added Sharp LH28F160SPN 44 pin version (AD367)
  7. Added MXIC MX29L1611 44 pin version (AD367)

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.83 (16 Feb 99)

  1. Added Microchip PIC12C508A, PIC12C509A, PIC12CE518, PIC12CE519
  2. Added Microchip PIC12C508A, PIC12C509A, PIC12CE518, PIC12CE519 as in-system programming mode.
  3. Added SGS-T ST24E32, M24C32, ST24E16
  4. Fixed address bug in Z86E08
  5. Added Fujitsu MBM29LV800TA, MBM29LV800BA
  6. Added Motorola MC68HC705P6, MC68HC705P9

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.82 (8 Feb 99)

  1. Added Philips PZ3032CS, PZ5032CS, PZ3032NS, PZ5032NS
  2. Added Atmel AT87F51, AT87F52
  3. Added SGS-T ST95010, ST95020, M95080, M95160, M95320, M95640

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.81 (29 Jan 99)

  1. Fixed ID check on 89S8252

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.80 (27 Jan 99)

  1. Dallas 87C520 programming algorithm modification.

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.79 (22 Jan 99)

  1. Added Dallas 87C520
  2. Added Hitachi HD64F3337 (AD517)
  3. Added Philips 89C52, 89C54, 89C58, 89C51RA+, 89C51RB+, 89C51RC+, 89C51RD+
  4. Fixed ID bug in 8751 family devices

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.78 (7 Jan 99)

  1. Added Winbond W29EE010 and W29EE011

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.77 (6 Jan 99)

  1. Added OKI 16811, 16911
  2. Added ST95040
  3. Added Philips 87C748, 87C749, 87C750
  4. Added Intel 28F001BX-T, 28F001BX-B

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.76 (11 December 98)

  1. Added Sector locking for 29DL400T/B
  2. Added Sector locking/unlocking for 29F010
  3. [Windows release only] Added Serial Numbering of devices.

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.75 (25 November 98)

  1. Added Atmel AT89C1051, AT89C1051U, AT89C2051, AT89C4051

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.74 (18 November 98)

  1. Fix to 27C202.

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.73 (21 October 98)

  1. Added NEC uPD17P202A
  2. Added specials for 93CS... parts

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.72 (20 October 98)

  1. Added Fujitsu MBM29DL400TC, MBM29DL400BC, MBM29DL800T, MBM29DL800B

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.71 (12 October 98)

  1. Bug fix to Sharp LH28F400SUHE-LB, LH28F400SUBE-LB

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.70 (12 October 98)

  1. Added Motorola 68HC705B16, 68HC711E9, 68HC705E20
  2. Added Xicor 24C45
  3. Added Altera EPM7064 44 pin
  4. Added Winbond W27E020
  5. Added Sharp LH28F400SUHE-LB, LH28F400SUBE-LB
  6. Added Intel 28F008B3-T, 28F008B3-B

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.69 (21 September 98)

  1. Added Xicor X24C44, X2444
  2. Added Catalyst 24C44
  3. Added S2430
  4. Added 8 bit access option to Catalyst 93C86, 33C116, 35C116
  5. Added 8 bit access option to Microchip 93C86, 93LC86, 93C76, 93LC76
  6. Added 8 bit access option to NS 93C86A, 93C86AL
  7. Added 8 bit access option to S-T 93C86, 93C76
  8. Added S-T M27W201

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.68 (7 September 98)

  1. Added Altera EPM5032
  2. Added AMD PALCE22V10Z
  3. Added Altera EP610
  4. Fixed data loss bug on recent Greenwich Instrument parts
  5. Added MXIC 26C512A, 26C1000

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.67 (14 August 98)

  1. Added TMS29F040
  2. Fixed page size bug in 17128E, 17256E
  3. Added 1701, 1701L, 17512L, 17S05, 17S10, 17S20, 17S30, 17S40
  4. Added Altera EPM7096
  5. Added Fujitsu 29LV160BT and 29LV160BB

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.65 (1 July 98)

  1. Improved speed programming most 28C256 types
  2. Added AMD 29LV160BT and 29LV160BB
  3. Added Intel 28F800B3-T, 28F800B3-B
  4. Changed algorithm for PIC12C508/9 to new Microchip spec
  5. Added new Xilinx Serail EPROM variants XC1736E, XC1765E, XC17128E, XC17256E, XC1765EL, XC17128EL, XC17256EL, XC1765X, XC17128X, XC17256X
  6. Added Atmel AT29LV1024

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.64 (12 June 98)

  1. Added AMD PALCE610H
  2. Added OKI MSM65P512

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.63 (12 June 98)

  1. Modified programming for PIC16C5x to new Microchip spec.
  2. Modified locking procedure on SGS-Thomson ST62E25C (Now part of Option word)
  3. Added Catalyst CAT35C116 and CAT33C116

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.62 (8 June 98)

  1. Added Zilog Z86E02, Z86E03, Z86E04, Z86E06, Z86E07, Z86E08
  2. Added SGS-Thomson ST62E25C, ST62T25C

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.61 (2 June 98)

  1. Added Siemens SAB-C501G-1E
  2. Added In-System programming for PIC 12C508, PIC12C509, PIC16C554, PIC16C556, PIC16C558, PIC16C61, PIC16C62, PIC16C62A, PIC16C63, PIC16C64, PIC16C64A, PIC16C65, PIC16C65A, PIC16C66, PIC16C67, PIC16C620, PIC16C621, PIC16C622, PIC16C70, PIC16C71, PIC16C71A, PIC16C72, PIC16C73, PIC16C73A, PIC16C74, PIC16C74A, PIC16C710, PIC16C711, PIC16C76, PIC16C77, PIC16C84
  3. Added Motorola MC68HC711K4
  4. Added new access mode option to force use of \OE during read functions on EPROMs.

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.60 (12 May 98)

  1. Added Atmel AT27BV020, AT29BV020, AT49BV020, AT49LV020
  2. Added Winbond WE78E54, WE78E58
  3. Added Winbond WE27E257, WE27E512, WE27E010
  4. Added Microchip PIC16C554, PIC16C556, PIC16C558
  5. Added Lattice GAL22V10, GAL22V10B, GAL22V10C, GAL22V10B-QP

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.59 (27 Apr 98) and
PROMDRIVER for Windows V1.59 (29 Apr 98)

  1. Added NEC 78P014, 78P054, 78P058, 78P138, 78P324
  2. Added Intel 28F008SC
  3. Added Sharp 28F008SCHT-TL

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.58 (21 Apr 98)

  1. Added Cypress 27C010
  2. Fixed 29lv002/004 socket check
  3. Added Philips PLS100, PLS101
  4. Added Bright 29LV040

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.57 (8 Apr 98)

  1. Added 29LV008B (previously wasn't accepted)
  2. Added 29LV002B, 29LV002T, 29LV004B, 29LV004T
  3. Added ST and MIT 28F102
  4. Added PIC16C66/67/76/77
  5. Added Lattice GAL16V8D, and GAL20V8D

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.56 (1 Apr 98)

  1. Added 75P54,75P56, 75P008, 75P068, 75P116, 75P308, 75P316, 75P3018

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.55 (25 Mar 98)

  1. Added EPM7032
  2. Added .POF file format
  3. Added 28F800CV-T, 28F800CV-B

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.52 (23 Feb 98)

  1. Fix to programming some GAL versions, (bugged since V1.50)

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.51 (19 Feb 98)

  1. ST62E60B, ST62T60B added (except EEPROM)

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.50 (12Feb 98)

  1. Corrections made to specials on some logic devices in auto mode

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.49 (30 Jan 98)

  1. E Fuse checksums corrected

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.48 (28 Jan 98)

  1. Added MC68HC05B6

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.47 (23 Jan 98)

  1. Added AMD PALCE16V8Z
  2. Added AMD PALCE26V10

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.46 (21 Jan 98)

  1. Added Temic 87251

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.45 (19 Jan 98)

  1. Added AMD 29F100B, 29F100T

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.44 (15 Jan 98)

  1. Added Temic 87C51, 87C52
  2. Added Microchip 93LC76, 93LC86
  3. Added NS 93C86A, 93C86AL, 24C02
  4. Added ST 24C16, 93C56
  5. Added TI TMS77C82
  6. Added Zilog Z86E21
  7. Added support for Hitachi adapter for H8/3444
  8. Added Hitachi H8/3644F
  9. Added TI TMS370C610, TMS370C622, TMS370C642, TMS370C686A, TMS370C702, TMS370C710, TMS370C710A, TMS370C712A, TMS370C712B, TMS370C722, TMS370C732, TMS370C732A, TMS370C736, TMS370C736A, TMS370C742, TMS370C742A, TMS370C756, TMS370C756A, TMS370C758, TMS370C758A, TMS370C758B, TMS370C759A, TMS370C768A, TMS370C769A, TMS370C777

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.42 (20 Nov 97)

  1. Added AMD MACH211SP, via adapter or JTAG/ISP socket
  2. Added Atmel 49F010, 49HF010, 49F020, 49F040
  3. Added Lattice ispGDS14, ispGDS18, ispGDS22; all via ZIF or JTAG/ISP socket
  4. Added Lattice ispGAL22V10, via PLCC adapter or JTAG/ISP socket
  5. Added ispLSI1016, ispLSI1016E, ispLSI1024, ispLSI1024E, ispLSI1032, ispLSI1032E, ispLSI1048, ispLSI1048C, ispLSI1048E, ispLSI2032, ispLSI2064, ispLSI2096, ispLSI2128, ispLSI3160, ispLSI3192; all via adapter or JTAG/ISP socket.
  6. Added SGS-T ST62T10 and ST62E10.

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.38 (14 Oct 97)

  1. Added AMD MACH111, MACH210, MACH211, MACH 215, MACH 231/1 & MACH211.
  2. Added JTAG SKT version of MACH231/1.
  3. Added PLC18V8Z & P3C18V8Z.
  4. Erase function added for 9306 family.

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.36 (10 Sept 97)

  1. Added Catalyst 93C56, 93C66 and 93C86.
  2. Added AMD MACH120, MACH130, MACH131, MACH 220, MACH230, MACH 231 and MACH131 as MACH130.
  3. Added Philips P5Z22V10 and P3Z22V10.
  4. Improvements to COP8SA7xx algorithms.
  5. Jedec file now displays E numbers.
  6. Mount/Blank/ID/rev checks now default to ON on setting type.

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.34 (5 August 97)

  1. Added Philips 87C750, 87C751.

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.33 (4 August 97)

  1. Added 29F400B 29F400T.
  2. Improvement to verify reporting.
  3. 68HC705, 68HC705A added.

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.31 (15 July 97)

  1. Added Philips PZ3032, PZ5032, PZ3064, PZ5064
  2. Added 20 pin AMD/MMI PALs
  3. Added National Semiconductor COP8SAA/B/C in all package variants (see AD380-AD384).
  4. Added CY27C512
  5. Lower case hex digits allowed in (illegal) Jedec files.
  6. USER DEFINED type name now USER! followed by original device name
  7. Progress bars added for logic checksum and blank check.

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.30 (12 June 97)

  1. Added PEEL18CV8
  2. PIC16C52 blank check improved

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.29 (5 June 97)

  1. Added 29F008T 29F008B 29F800T 29F800B 29LV800T 29LV800B 28F400CV-T 28F400CV-B

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.27 (23 May 97)

  1. Added 28F001BX-T 28F001BX-B 28F004BX-T 28F004BX-B
  2. Added 28F008SA
  3. Fixed recent bug in auto id of 16 bit parts
  4. Added 29F080, 29F016

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.25 (12 May 97)

1. Added Xilinx XC7318 XC7336 XC7354

2. Added Xilinx XC1700D/L series

3. Added PIC 12C508/9

4. Added Winbond W78E51/52

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.24 (21 Mar 97)

1. Added AT82S8252

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.23 (14 Mar 97)

1. Added 8048/49/50/8748/49/8041/42/8741/42

2. Added 2532/2564

3. Specifically added 89C(LV)51/2/5 -5 versions (as opposed to 12V programming versions) and brought specials into line with requirements of latest data sheets.

4. Added support for Intel and Motorola hex files with LOWERCASE alphas.

5. CKSUM_KEY nnnn[nnnn] [NO-STOP] command added for batch files (gives error if checksum of device incorrect)

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.21 (27 Feb 97)

1. 2402 family programming was degraded in 1.19 and 1.20 - fixed

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.20 (25 Feb 97)

1. Atmel AT29C020 29LV020 mount check fixed

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.19 (21 Feb 97)

1. Added AT29C040 29C040A 29C020 29LV040 29LV040A 29LV020

2. Added bipolar PROMs from PC (SIG), NS, MMI

3. Fixed 27S29 address error.

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.18 (3 Feb 97)

1. Added TI 2508!

2. GAL programming improvement

PROMDRIVER (PD4 and PDW) V1.17 (24 Jan 97)

1. PIC programming algorithm improvement