This is where you can show your support for the Book Reader project

If you find this program useful I would appreciate it if you could register your copy. Registering means paying a small fee for a registration code which you can enter into the Help...Register... dialog in the program.

The code can be obtained for £14 (that's British pounds) or the equivalent in your local currency, by clicking on the SoftShop button below. Have your credit card ready.

What if I don't register...

There are no time limits on the program if you carry on using an unregistered copy. I realise that some people are not in a position to register. However please remember how much you paid for your FLASH cartridge if you decide not to register.

Japanese Test


Advantages if I register?

As a 'thank you' to those who do register there are some bonus features. Most of these advantages are not for the GB, just the GBA, but even GB-only users will get a deep feeling of satisfaction when using the registered version.

  • The NOT REGISTERED label is removed from both Makebook and from the books you make with it.
  • Plays MIDI files (GBA)
  • The number of bookmarks you can add is increased from 3 to 50 (useful when proof-reading!) (GBA)
  • The Goto Index function is enabled in the book (GBA).
  • The limit of 20 on the number of hyperlink targets is removed (GBA).
  • The book itself can be set to skip the opening splash screens (GBA).
  • Makebook remembers most settings from one session to the next.
  • GBA header can automatically be fixed up if you have the appropriate file available. Ask me by email after you’ve registered.
  • 'Don't use SRAM' option for people with dead batteries (added by special request - GBA)

Further bonus features are planned. Registration will enable me to continue to develop the Book Reader system. If nobody registers I will have to assume that no-one enjoys Makebook and the project will have to stop. If I carry on I have some more fun features to add. Immediate plans include:

  • Text compression - Twice the number of books on a cart
  • JPEGS - cram in more pictures
  • A search facility (initially only for western languages!)
  • Further languages.
When you have a registration code - please remember to keep it to yourself. Any registrations found around on the internet, on warez sites and so on, will be disabled in all future versions. So you will lose a big benefit of registration, which is access to future versions.