USB Development Equipment

MQP Electronics manufactures an unrivalled range of USB development equipment, including USB Analysers and USB Generators.

Selected units also feature Vbus monitoring.

The GraphicUSB application offers full analysis of standard USB protocol, together with a rich collection of Class Analysis options. An optional Devkit provides user-tailored access to the details of a capture file, where demanded for specialised requirements.

Power Delivery Compliance and Development



New PD CTS Test Suite Release Announcement

With the GraphicUSB V6.20.00 release we now support the new CTS Test Suite. CTS is scheduled to completely replace previous suites for PD testing.

The test suite has completely tested all the samples organised by the USB-IF.

CTS is available by Registration. Please contact for pricing information.

PDT Analyser Pod now available.


Packet-Master USB-PET

OTG 2.0 and BC 1.2 Compliance Tester

  • V4.50 - Contains official release of BC 1.2 scripts Rel and official release of OTG 2.0 scripts Rel

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Download Manual V1.04 from here


Pin-Master 48

Device Programming Equipment

MQP Electronics has a history of over twenty years in the manufacture of device programming equipment.

The Pin-Master 48 represents the pinnacle of our series of programming excellence. Although we no longer manufacture programming equipment, you can find software support on this website.

Programming Adapters

Our range of programming adapters is unsurpassed. A full range of adapters for PLCC, TSOP, SOIC, QFP, etc. Available for MQP programmers, or for programmers from third-party manufacturers.


British Manufacture

All of our equipment is manufactured to high standards in Great Britain.