Version Change Information


The major changes to versions of GraphicUSB are listed below. This is to assist in deciding whether a download is useful.

GraphicUSB Version History

Firmware Version History USB12

Firmware Version History USB480

Firmware Version History USB480+

Firmware Version History USB500 AG

GraphicUSB V5.41 (12 Sept 2017)

Power Delivery Tester

  • FPGA V1.43
  • PDT test version
  • Scripts PET OTG2.0 Rel
  • Scripts PET BC1.2 Rel
  • Added copy to html view
  • Added html view auto scroll to bottom
  • Adding suppression of incomplete pps transtion event
  • Adding back in testing all PDOs for PPS
  • Removed fail caused by defining directionality bits in cable and ama
  • Remove spec rev fail during locate crc test in rev 3
  • PPS buttons added to allow partial PPS Load Tests
  • Man info range check on number of bytes fixed
  • Check Number of Data Objects field = (Data Size + 5) / 4 in Man Info fields
  • In Rev 3 man info test when running in Rev 2 for a Rev 3 UUT. The failure is that the response is Manufacturer Info but specifying Rev 2.0 in Message Header. We have modified the test to only check for the GoodCRC. Any other error during this goal is ignored, owing to the special mode of the engine needed to test this, plus the fact that we would be looking at an illegal response to an illegal message if we went any further.
  • Removed double disconnect at end of MSG test.
  • Now interpretting all Rev 3.0 messages specifying Rev 2.0 as reserved.
  • TD.PD.SRC3.E6 Source_Capabilities_Extended Fields Checks test has been corrected so that if Not Supported is received the field check are given the result 'n/a'.
  • Added warning when cancelling change of Edit...Options...
  • Corrected test results for SNK3.E10 when no response to Get Source Caps Extended (neither Source Caps Extended nor Not Supported)
  • TD.PD.VDM3.E2 Unrecognised VID in Unstructured VDM test has been corrected so that if Not Supported is received the timing is checked
  • Fixed check on Sink Caps in VNDI3.E8 (goal check missing)
  • PDO details now also checked
  • TD.PD.SNK3.E14 Request Fields Check - PPS corrected so that it is all n/a id PPS PDO not selected.
  • Rev 3 report now outputs n/a sections to help with results reporting
  • Insufficient Chunk Requests no longer leaves some items 'UNTESTED'.
  • Added explicit check that we received each of chunks 2-9.
  • SRC3.E7, SRC3.E8, SRC3.E9 now make field check n/a if Battery Status not sent
  • Similar fixes for Battery Caps
  • Added Button to do Eye Test only for PD UUT (required during full test procedure).
  • Source Tests involving PPS (SRC3.E29, SRC3.E30 and SRC3.E31) are now corrected for UUTs with no PPS.
  • SRC3.E10. Fixed incorrect fail report when Not Supported is sent
  • SNK3.E12 . Fixed incorrect fail report when Soft Reset is sent
  • VNDI3.E2 Unchunked Ext Mess Supp (0) is not VIF specified value (x). message fixed
  • VDM3.E1 for AMA report fixed (cable entries n/a)
  • VDM sent by tester cannot cause fail
  • Fixed errors caused by Battery Status Inv Ref bit
  • Fixed errors caused by incorrect number of data objs in Battery Caps
  • Known issues:
    • PPS Voltage Load test still has issues
    • PPS Current Load Test not yet implemented

GraphicUSB V5.40.03 (17 Aug 2017)

Power Delivery Tester

  • FPGA V1.42
  • PDT test version
  • Scripts PET OTG2.0 Rel
  • Scripts PET BC1.2 Rel
  • Before workshop, only bug fixes will now be done
  • Hard Reset Scope display fixed
  • PPS Transition event during non-load tests no longer gives random reports
  • Known issues:
    • PPS Voltage Load test still has issues
    • PPS Current Load Test not yet implemented

GraphicUSB V5.40.02 (16 Aug 2017)

Power Delivery Tester

  • FPGA V1.42
  • PDT test version
  • Scripts PET OTG2.0 Rel
  • Scripts PET BC1.2 Rel
  • Before workshop, only bug fixes will now be done
  • Cable test results improved
  • Report Generation speeded up
  • Known issues:
    • PPS Voltage Load test still has issues
    • PPS Current Load Test not yet implemented

GraphicUSB V5.40.01 (15 Aug 2017)

Power Delivery Tester

  • FPGA V1.42
  • PDT test version
  • Scripts PET OTG2.0 Rel
  • Scripts PET BC1.2 Rel
  • Before workshop, only bug fixes will now be done
  • Rev 3.0 tests sections SCR3.E29, SCR3.E30 and SCR3.E31 completed
  • PS_RDY timing check for first PPS request corrected
  • Known issues:
    • PPS Voltage Load test still has issues
    • PPS Current Load Test not yet implemented

GraphicUSB V5.40.00 (14 Aug 2017)

Power Delivery Tester

  • FPGA V1.42
  • PDT test version
  • Scripts PET OTG2.0 Rel
  • Scripts PET BC1.2 Rel
  • Before workshop, only bug fixes will now be done
  • Remainder of Rev 3.0 tests added
  • Fixed Product Type fields for UFP and DFP
  • Known issues:
    • PPS Voltage Load test still has issues
    • PPS Current Load Test not yet implemented

GraphicUSB V5.36 (4 Aug 2017)

Power Delivery Tester

  • FPGA V1.41
  • PDT test version
  • Scripts PET OTG2.0 Rel
  • Scripts PET BC1.2 Rel
  • Tester now always uses 01b as Spec Rev in GoodCRC,
    except when doing special tests.
  • Fixed Consumer Only in PR_Swap Rev 3.0 (wasn't setting Not Supported as goal).
  • Needed to detect in cable mninf test that Cable didn't attach
  • Removed spurious runtime "Get Manufacturer Info request timed out" message
  • Brought VIF parameter recognition into line with workshop version of VIF generator
  • Captive cable UUT allowed to offer more than 3A without needed to talk to cable.
  • Added Rev 3.0 results using new format
  • Added Rev 3.0 Test selection page
  • Known issues:
    • Some Rev 3.0 checks not implemented
    • PPS Voltage Load test still has issues
    • PPS Current Load Test not yet implemented

GraphicUSB V5.35 (14 June 2017)

Power Delivery Tester

  • FPGA V1.40
  • USB Comms V6.03
  • PDT test version
  • Scripts PET OTG2.0 Rel
  • Scripts PET BC1.2 Rel
  • Fixed Get_Caps test bug in Rev 2.0, created in V5.34

GraphicUSB V5.34 (13 June 2017)

Power Delivery Tester

  • FPGA V1.40
  • USB Comms V6.03
  • PDT test version
  • Scripts PET OTG2.0 Rel
  • Scripts PET BC1.2 Rel
  • Messages which require Reject in Rev 2.0, often need Not Supported in Rev 3.0. These include Get_Source_Caps, Get_Sink_Caps, PR_Swap, VCONN_Swap, DR_Swap.The checks for these have been corrected.
  • Padding Bytes now shown in Details Pane for extended messages.

GraphicUSB V5.33 (1 June 2017)

Power Delivery Tester

  • FPGA V1.39
  • USB Comms V6.03
  • PDT test version
  • Scripts PET OTG2.0 Rel
  • Scripts PET BC1.2 Rel
  • Sorry, wrong USB Comms Firmware included with last version!

GraphicUSB V5.32 (31 May 2017)

Power Delivery Tester

  • FPGA V1.39
  • USB Comms [V6.03] actually V6.02 included!
  • PDT test version
  • Scripts PET OTG2.0 Rel
  • Scripts PET BC1.2 Rel
  • Bus Idle test part 2 (ignore noise) timing was not correct.
  • GoodCRC Rev number check is brought up to latest ECR level
  • Fixed bug which prevented seeing the end of an eye diagram if all 1's pattern was sent.
  • If real Country Codes/Info received, GraphicUSB locked up.
  • Fixed error message "AMA_VCONN_power not found in VIF when VCONN_Required is NO
  • Made repeat errors less intrusive
  • Corrected analysis of Country Codes and Country Info
  • Tester as Source receiving SOP VDM was returning to Sink Ready, causing unexpected behaviour.
  • Added new VBUS scope capture check types, to cover cases such as variable or battery supplies.
  • Rev number is now persistant in interactive mode
  • Checks on first PPS sample were random, because we didn't know previous requested voltage.
  • When testing correct rev 3 as rev 2 got message "Vendor Information has wrong number of PDOs.
  • Changed ordered set to require all four symbols

GraphicUSB V5.31 (18 May 2017)

Power Delivery Tester

  • FPGA V1.38
  • PDT test version
  • Scripts PET OTG2.0 Rel
  • Scripts PET BC1.2 Rel
  • Country Codes test name was wrong in report
  • Added Goals to Country Codes test
  • Changing plot # now resets zoom factors in PPS scope captures
  • Change VIF parameters Product_Name and Model_Part_Number to new names. Allow older names still to work.
  • Added functions to open specific PD file types starting in correct folder.
  • Problem with PHY Hard Reset scope plot showed spurious coloured error points, with some HR timings.
  • Bus Idle test part 2 (ignore noise) was not disabling RX with correct timing.
  • Tester now shows FAIL for GoodCRC in Rev 2.0 sent with 00b for Rev.

GraphicUSB V5.30 (4 May 2017)

Power Delivery Tester

  • Official Portland Workshop May 2017 version

  • PDT test version
  • FPGA V1.37
  • Scripts PET OTG2.0 Rel
  • Scripts PET BC1.2 Rel
  • Added PPS Voltage test for Rev 3.0
  • Added Country Code test for Rev 3.0
  • Fixed reporting of PPS for Rev 3.0
  • Temporarily changed VBUS detection level to 2.25V.
    Will need to depend on requested voltage in future.
  • Added Export scope image as BMP file (with comment if required)
  • After Soft Reset as sink - tester tried to become source
  • Fixed scope zoom to do both x and y at once
  • Extract Info From UUT now gets Spec Rev and recognises PPS PDOs. It also sets PD Power.
  • Added Get PPS Status and PPS Status to search function.
  • Corrected display of PPS Status message details
  • Added PS_RDY timing check for PPS Requests
  • Fixed bug on saving VIF for parameter VCONN_SWAP_TO_OFF_SUPPORTED
  • Now ignoring PPS PDOs during normal load tests

GraphicUSB V5.27 (20 April 2017)

Power Delivery Tester

  • PDT test version
  • Scripts PET BC1.2 Rel
  • FPGA changed to 1.36
  • If AMA_VCONN_Reqd is set to NO, then don't check if AMA_VCONN_Power is present
  • Added support fpr PPS test in GraphicUSB (test not yet available)
  • Added PPS VBUS Measurement event to capture file
  • Generated comment in VIF against Type_C_state_machine, values 0 and 1 were reversed.
  • USB-IF Error was incorrectly reported if SOP' or SOP'' or Cable Reset test is not done in MSG test.
  • BMC-PROT-GSC-REC tests was incorrectly checked by Set All PROT Tests even when it was Consumer Only.
  • Added Request loading for Rev 3.0 missing in 5.26. (This caused spurious messages from tester.)
  • Current Sink problem fixed (Please report any issues!)

GraphicUSB V5.26 (30 March 2017)

Power Delivery Tester

  • PDT test version
  • Scripts PET BC1.2 Rel
  • FPGA changed to 1.35
  • VBUS Gen Firmware changed to V0.01
  • PDT Compliance Dialog now accepts PPS as a type of PDO.
  • FR_Swap fields added to PDT Compliance Dialog
  • 'Manufacturer Info' (for Port) added to PDT Compliance Dialog
  • 'Chunking Implemented' (for SOP) added to PDT Compliance Dialog
  • Unchunked Extended Messages Supported (for SOP) added to PDT Compliance Dialog
  • Tidied up VIF generated
  • Get rid of AMP=250 debug message
  • Added PPS Messages to analyser:
    pdMessGetPpsStatus, pdMessGetCountryCodes,
    pdMessGetCountryInfo, pdMessPpsStatus,
    pdMessCountryInfo, pdMessCountryCodes
  • Fixed Sink caps Rev 3 pdo#1 bits 23:20 which were being checked as for Rev 2.0 in html report
  • Enhanced Current Sink Accuracy
  • Changed tilde folder prefixes to '#' prefixes to prevent potential filename problems.
  • Added interactive Eye Diagram crossing adjustment in 5 x 10mV steps
  • Added Eye Diagram properties (right click on Eye Diagram) to manually set crossing level.
  • VBUS Generator firmware updated to V0.01 - changed voltage setting command to 1mV precision in preparation for PPS
  • Prepared other logic for future PPS PDOs
  • During MSG test, if UUT has to be a source, we do not send Cable Reset to it, as response requirement is ambiguous.
  • During MSG test, if UUT has to be a source, we do not check response to SOP' if vendor says it does respond to it, as response requirement is ambiguous.
  • During MSG test, if UUT has to be a source, we do not check response to SOP'' if vendor says it does respond to it, as response requirement is ambiguous.
  • Implement new test BMC-PROT-GSC_REC for forcing Hard reset from UUT.


  • Modified PET BC1.2 Implemented Test report, and added
    pulldown to deal with absense of D lines situation.

GraphicUSB V5.25.02 (9 February 2017)

Power Delivery Tester

  • Official SF Workshop Feb 2017 version
  • PDT test version
  • Scripts PET OTG2.0 Rel
  • Scripts PET BC1.2 Rel
  • FPGA changed to 1.34
  • Fixed SOP' checking broken in V5.25.01
  • Save results to memory stick also copies GraphicUSB install

GraphicUSB V5.25.01 (8 February 2017)

Power Delivery Tester

  • Official SF Workshop Feb 2017 version
  • PDT test version
  • Scripts PET OTG2.0 Rel
  • Scripts PET BC1.2 Rel
  • FPGA changed to 1.34
  • During BMC-PHY-MSG not resetting SOP' message ID after cable reset is not an error!
  • For SOP' double message increment is only a warning
  • Fixed reporting timing error when other SOP type got in way of SOP'
  • For Rev 3 cables tCableMessage(750us) is not checked

GraphicUSB V5.25(7 February 2017)

Power Delivery Tester

  • Official SF Workshop Feb 2017 version
  • PDT test version
  • Scripts PET OTG2.0 Rel
  • Scripts PET BC1.2 Rel
  • FPGA changed to 1.34
  • (FPGA recompiled because of reported glitch)
  • Idle noise values now alterable within Parameters dialogs
  • Checks on Discov ID ACK use Struct VDM Vers rather than PD Spec Rel to determine correctness.

GraphicUSB V5.22 (2 February 2017)

Power Delivery Tester

  • PDT test version
  • FPGA changed to 1.33
  • The cable Rev 4.0 num test at the start of DISCOV was using VDM version 1.0, but was meant to be using VDM version 2.0.
  • Improved check that VDM vers in response is correct based on the request and the UUT Spec Rev.
  • E-Marker emulation now adjusts struct vdm vers response based on request vers as well as PD Spec Rev

GraphicUSB V5.21 (2 February 2017)

Power Delivery Tester

  • PDT test version
  • FPGA changed to 1.32
  • Fixed Eye Diagram report to fail USB-IF test section report
  • During MSG test checks, when tester is looking not to see a GoodCRC in response to bad messages, a AMS initiated by the UUT can include a GoodCRC, which caused apparent test failure. The correct message is now examined for compliance.
  • Generate noise during second part of BUSIDL test, and give accurate report on result
  • CAB-PROT-DISCOV was giving false FAIL to cable responding with correct revision to Rev 4.0 VDM.
  • Part GoodCRC in BUSIDL test now described in capture file.
  • In 'Goal: Confirm Cable does not respond to a message when masked by non-Bus Idle', fixed bad report about message ID on second bist from tester

GraphicUSB V5.20 (31 January 2017)

Power Delivery Tester

  • PDT test version
  • Error details are automatically added to Notes File
  • Only bug fixes between now and V5.25 at SF Workshop

GraphicUSB V5.17 (23 January 2017)

Power Delivery Tester

  • PDT test version
  • FPGA changed to V1.31
  • Updated to VIF version 1.0
  • End connection to UUT immediately at end of eye test to avoid unpredictable behaviour
  • Adjusted tester default reponses to PR_Swap, DR_Swap and VCONN_Swap during swap tests, and places where we request PR_Swap as part of test.
  • PR_Swap is now tried for up to 10 seconds
  • VCONN_Swap is now tried for up to 10 seconds
  • DR_Swap is now tried for up to 10 seconds
  • VIF consistency errors now also appear in box in dialog
  • Add VIF generator version info to report [and capture file]
  • Added support for Not Supported to Swap commands in fpga.
  • Fixed BIST Test Data message which was supposed to be sent before 'Locate CRC' test.

GraphicUSB V5.16 (17 January 2017)

Power Delivery Tester

  • PDT test version
  • FPGA changed to V1.30
  • Fixed eye diagram glitches found in V5.15
  • Corrected checks on PR_Swap test, and removed the run-time failures for PR_Swap
  • Before PR_Swap we now download both source and sink caps so the variables are in step to allow fine control over Unconstrained Power during PR_Swap tests.
  • Made the VCONN Swap test more comprehensive
  • Added Consistency checks for VCONN parameters
  • Add 'Not Supported' to VCONN Swap
  • Fixed USB-IF result in Rev test

GraphicUSB V5.15 (6 January 2017)

Power Delivery Tester

  • PDT test version
  • FPGA changed to V1.29
  • When UUT (cable) sends a VDM Attention NAK the parsing of the tester GoodCRC said that the cable bit is incorrect.
  • Allow UUT to try lower rev on cable after first try
  • Fixed spurious MessageID fail when UUT sends Soft Reset to cable after VCONN Swap and then sends Discov ID.
  • Fixed response to VCONN Swap which was rejected when it shouldn't have been. VCONN Swap is now always accepted if tester is VCONN Source, and followsapp instructions otherwise.
  • Bad VBUS scope point cannot now cause fail if Tester was driving VBUS at the time.
  • tCableMessage removed for Rev 3.0
  • Fixed retry on deliberately Invalid messages
  • Hard Reset no longer masks out cable emulator reception
  • Added chunking test results
  • Fixed emulated Cable Marker Response to HR and CR
  • Stopped retries of Get Src Capsand Get Snk Caps with deliberate errors
  • Fixed forced Soft Reset logic

GraphicUSB V5.14 (15 December 2016)

Power Delivery Tester

  • PDT test version
  • FPGA changed to V1.28
  • Added Rev 3.0 option to all tests in Test Suite. (Check box in Test tab)
  • Chunking test available in Rev 3.0.
  • Some UUTs send e.g. Discover ID (SOP) many times in spite of GoodCRC + ignore. This was occasionally causing problems getting in the way of tester messages.
    All requests from Tester now 'guaranteed' to be actioned
  • Fixed display of variable and battery voltages in capture
  • Fixed report analysis of Rev number
  • Fixed bug in Sink tab where max and min could not be updated.
  • VDM ID header didn't deal properly with bits 25:16 in detail pane or error report
  • Give correct response to 'not supported' or nak'ed VDMs
  • Fixed sinkTxNg check logic for Rev 3.0
  • Fixed incorrect error report about SOP' message ID after power cycle, when originated by UUT.
  • Fixed bug where, if sending messages with errors caused UUT to disconnect, tester didn't recover quickly enough.

GraphicUSB V5.13 (1 December 2016)

Power Delivery Tester

  • PDT test version
  • FPGA changed to V1.27
  • Can now save fpga states to text file, for bug diagnosis.
  • Save notes file with other Compliance results (but don't close)
  • Modified the behaviour of the Structured VDM Rev box in ID (SOP) and Cable ID tabs
  • In Compliance Dialog, VDM Version displayed corresponds to Spec Rev. It is grayed out
    The actual value read in is validated.
  • PDT now allowed its own settable data folder in Options. This fixes a VID decoder problem.
  • tSinkTx in protocol engine fixed to lie between 16-20ms
  • Fixed protocol engine to reset new chunking state machines on layer reset
  • Allowing user calibration of plug-in only, as an option

GraphicUSB V5.12 (2 November 2016)

Power Delivery Tester

  • PDT test version
  • FPGA changed to V1.26
  • Plug-in changed to V1.04
  • Enabled Analyser Function
  • Enabled Analyser display and enabled Touch screen Start and Stop
  • Removed Discover Source Caps with MessageID not being zero as being an error
  • E-marker emulation wasn't being reset by Hard Reset (messageID) and was also being reported as an error even though it's generated by emulated marker
  • Added Triggers for GoodCRC (sop and sop') and Invalid data.
  • Loading VIF creates Notes File (if Auto Create set) for both PD and Cable Marker
  • Changing Rev in Test dlg now causes VIF to be changed on save.
  • Remove requirement for VIF parameters SSRX1/2 SSTX1/2 dir control
  • Add 'Type-C Only' to uut type.
  • Some other bug fixes.

GraphicUSB V5.10 (2 November 2016)

Power Delivery Tester

  • PDT test version
  • FPGA changed to V1.24
  • Release for Taipei Workshop

GraphicUSB V5.08 (31 October 2016)

Power Delivery Tester

  • PDT test version
  • FPGA changed to V1.23
  • Rev 3.0 Cable Test checks corrected
  • Internal improvements to FPGA
  • Message ID test increment logic corrected

GraphicUSB V5.07 (28 October 2016)

Power Delivery Tester

  • PDT test version
  • FPGA changed to V1.22
  • Added Rev 3.0 Cable Tests
  • Inhibit MessageID increment function was broken by recent changes - now fixed
  • Temp fix for PD Power claimed, when cable not read.

GraphicUSB V5.06 (24 October 2016)

Power Delivery Tester

  • PDT test version
  • FPGA changed to V1.21
  • Required Structured_VDM_Version is based on PD Spec Rev
  • Fixed “Vendor Parameter. Structured_VDM_Version not found. [VENDOR_INFO_MISSING] message
  • Fixed bug caused by the fact that Discover ID is ignored under some circumstances.
  • Fail shown for the MessageID not incremented during run time - because no response even though this is valid. -Code fixed
  • Allow access to compliance dialogs again without PDT connected
  • PR_Swap parameters were reported as missing - fixed
  • "UUT incorrectly responded to message. [BMC_PHY_MSG_2]" - seems response was from tester
  • Restored Capture cabability for Interactive Mode
  • Added VIF params Type_C_Is_Debug_Target_SRC and Type_C_Is_Debug_Target_SNK
  • Added strict compliance option to do eye for 10ms instead of 1.59ms. Set to strict compliance when .loading VIF.
  • Reduced sensitivity of vbus scope captures v mask
  • Fixed bug where no FAIL shown for not changing voltage, because PS_RDY came before noTransitionStartAfter time
  • VCONN Swap policy is now to accept it during test where we require a PR_SWAP as part of test. Else Reject it.

GraphicUSB V5.05 (5 October 2016)

Power Delivery Tester

  • PDT test version
  • FPGA changed to V1.20
  • USB COMMS V6.02
  • Prepared logic for future external trigger output Inverted high current display reading
  • If a PR_Swap if a particular directon is declared as not supported, we don't want to do a power test involving that swap. So:
    BMC-POW-SNK-TRANS-PC is no longer done when Accepts PR_Swap_to_Sink is NO.
    BMC-POW-SRC-LOAD-CP-ACC is no longer done when Accepts PR_Swap_to_Source is NO.
    BMC-POW-SRC-TRANS-CP-ACC is no longer done when Accepts PR_Swap_to_Source is NO.
  • Added analyser pod sn to capture properties.
  • Changed PR_Swap to use Accepts_PR_Swap_As_Source and Accepts_PR_Swap_As_Sink
  • Recorded VIF name and time in Report (both PD and Cable)
  • Record VIF name and time in Capture File properties (both PD and Cable)
  • Removed spurious heading about Tester Eye Capture from cable test report
  • DISCOV tests modified to take into account a device which Supports Structured VDMs but does not respond to Discover ID.
  • Vendor Parameter: Modal_Operation_Supported_SOP not found. [VENDOR_INFO_MISSING] error message removed from illegal Enter Mode test.
  • VDM Header B7:6 - (Command Type) is 10b (NAK). [CAB_PROT_DISCOV_1] error removed from Goal: Fail to Discover ID of UUT. This happened when device Supports Structured VDMs but does not respond to Discover ID (NAKs it).
  • So the DISCOV test now recognises 3 states: Responds to Discover ID, Supports Structured VDMs but doesn't respond to Discover ID, and doesn't support Structured VDMs (ignores them). (A fourth state will be added for rev 3.0 - Not Supported message).
  • Fixed a bug, where an illegal rejection of Get Sink Caps caused the tester to generate an illegal Source caps with no PDOs (which therefore looks like GoodCRC). We now fail the original reject as a run-time failure.
  • Added Port_Label to VIF
  • Brought VIF handling up to latest release Version 1.0 Revision 0.53.
  • VIF Checks now done on duplicate parameters and spurious parameters.
  • Added Emulated Cable Marker message signal to capture file (E in circle).
  • Added missing items in menu bar for Compliance Testing
    when files open.
  • During the MSG test, we now send a BIST Test Data message to the UUT before trying to check that the UUT responds correctly to a message with a valid CRC but otherwise not valid content. This prevents the UUT from sending any more messages and confusing the test.
  • Fixed bug where DR_Swap_To_DFP_Supported and DR_Swap_To_UFP_Supported where logically combined to check the DR_Swap Capable bit. The combination was incorrect owing to a typo.
  • DR_SWAP test enhanced to check more cases
  • Added Rev 4 test to cable discover id test
  • Added Rev 4 test to device rev test
  • Add option that VIF consistency check is not a failure
    to be used during workshop if it becomes a problem.
  • Reorganised FPGA in preparation for Rev 3.0 behaviour
  • Added a constraint in the VIF editors so that USB_Comms_Capable set to YES means either Type_C_Can_Act_As_Host or Type_C_Can_Act_As_Device is YES.
  • if the UUT sets Responds_To_Discov_SOP to YES than constrain those three fields with the fields below:
  • Add warning if more than one PD Test set selected

GraphicUSB V5.04 (9 August 2016)

Power Delivery Tester

  • PDT test version
  • FPGA changed to V1.19
  • PROT-BIST-NOT-5V-SRC if skipped for 5v only, didn't give correct usb-if result
    This also gives a runtime FAIL: VBUS_LOST_BIST_TEST
  • Incorrect Message ID Error in SOP' fixed
  • VBUS Scope view cursor now shows current as third parameter
  • Added time delta in eye diagram
  • greyed out 'set all xxxx tests' to prevent changing required tests after they have started
  • WARNING: MessageID is two greater than that previously sent (collision?).
    [PROT_MSG_HDR_6] This said fail but is now a warning as it should have been
  • Added scope zoom on Up Down keys for users without mouse wheel.
  • Fixed Incorrect Report on Rev3 Rev2 test.html Said it passed when it failed.
  • Added semi-colon to vendor info file 'created at' line
  • Ensured Current Sink gets reset at end of session (was potential occasional current glitch)
  • Added support for Trigger Output.

GraphicUSB V5.00 (14 July 2016)

Power Delivery Tester

  • PDT test version
  • Fixed incorrect vbus glitch concession logic
  • Added Type-C Parameters
  • 'Rev3 Ext Mess no GoodCRC' is now a Warning

GraphicUSB V5.00 beta (12 July 2016)

Power Delivery Tester

  • PDT test version
  • FPGA changed to V1.18
  • We have made changes to the scope display:
  • The mask has been moved to allow the changing voltage to be as slow as it wants to. A line has been re-introduced to show by when the transition must start (t0)
  • A concession to allow 0.5V and 5ms overshoots and undershoots has been introduced. An arbitrary no repeat within 10ms rule is used. Some mask sections must be absolutely met to avoid a difficulty in distinguishing over and undershoots from just scraping through a time requirement.
  • Added Rev 3 Unchunked Extended Messages Supported bit to Request and Source Caps
  • GoodCRC uses Spec Rev 00 for rev 3, and 10 for rev 2.0
  • fpga capture data recognises detail of Rev 3 messages
  • Software recognises most rev 3 messages and sequences
  • Added Rev 3 Discover ID to cable discovery
  • Added Rev 3 Get Manufacturer Info to cable msg
  • Added Rev 3 Get Manufacturer Info to PD msg (just as a WARNING).
  • Do not allow Rev 3 test for PD , if we are not source. Rev 3 test is also now more correct in its behaviour.
  • Fixed current sink offset at startup.
  • bist-5v-src test didn't appear in 'Test Summary'

GraphicUSB V4.91 (20 June 2016)

Power Delivery Tester

  • PDT test version
  • FPGA changed to V1.16
  • Changed 'VBUS lost' voltage to 3.67V
  • Loss of VBUS ends test
  • Change CRC Location error to WARNING
  • Incorrect Run-time error in Cable VDM Attention fixed

GraphicUSB V4.90 (13 June 2016)

Power Delivery Tester

  • PDT test version
  • Improved Request scope plots

GraphicUSB V4.89 (9 June 2016)

Power Delivery Tester

  • PDT test version
  • FPGA changed to V1.15
  • Finished adding support for PDTeM
  • Disabled some buttons during test runs
  • Fixed multiple Hard Reset problem

GraphicUSB V4.88 (3 June 2016)

Power Delivery Tester

  • PDT test version
  • FPGA changed to V1.14
  • Corrected PR_Swap scope drawing error when Wait is sent the first time
  • Changed rx clipping algorithm

GraphicUSB V4.87 (19 May 2016)

Power Delivery Tester

  • PDT test version
  • Power Rules checking corrected
  • Updated VDM response rules checking.

GraphicUSB V4.86 (17 May 2016)

Power Delivery Tester

  • PDT test version
  • FPGA changed to V1.13
  • In INT-REJ test BIST messageID was being incremented, which is not how the test was defined.
  • Fixed starting level for preamble to be low
  • Fixed Capture File properties s/w version format
  • When Attention VDM responded to correctly, runtime report showed error.
  • In some power tests the Tester Dual Role bit was not always set, causing some UUTs to reject a PR_Swap.
  • If an item in Vendor Information file had unrecognised value for its parameter then rest of file was not read
  • Tester response to a UUT's VCONN_Swap req now defaults to reject as intended
  • A UUT Sink requesting a variable voltage is now supplied with a mid-range value rather than the lowest possible voltage. This helps with the VBUS scope pictures.
  • Scope pictures have been upgraded in a number of ways.
    • Title indicates the source/sink roles.
    • Hard Reset mask enhanced.
    • PR_Swap mask enhanced.
    • VBUS voltage mask crossings are now marked with red circles. These can be removed by clicking on Plot.
  • Add PDT s/n to calibration file backup.

GraphicUSB V4.84 (21 Apr 2016)

Power Delivery Tester

  • PDT test version
  • Fixed DRSWAP test bad fail report.

GraphicUSB V4.83 (21 Apr 2016)

Power Delivery Tester

  • PDT test version
  • Fixed PRSWAP test bad fail report.

GraphicUSB V4.82 (20 Apr 2016)

Power Delivery Tester

  • PDT test version
  • Speeded up VBUS scope plot zoom.
  • Fixed attention bad fail report.

GraphicUSB V4.81 (19 Apr 2016)

Power Delivery Tester

  • PDT test version
  • Fixed cable test bug where it doesn't see cable disconnect so gives messageID errors

GraphicUSB V4.80 (18 Apr 2016)

Power Delivery Tester

  • PDT test version
  • FPGA changed to V1.12
  • In BMC-PHY-MSG during the Locate CRC test, the port role for the correct GoodCRC was being reported as incorrect. Now fixed.
    Same with CAB-PHY-MSG
  • Occasional problem with Initialise cable test failing - now fixed.
  • If cable test can't connect to cable - the test now fails straight-away and doesn't attempt to send signals on alternating CC lines
  • Strict VDM checks, even for illegal requests, have been re-instated. Illegal Enter Mode, Exit Mode and Attention are tested. Both Cables and PD UUTs.
  • Some VDM sequence headers showing 'Invalid Sequence' incorrectly have been fixed.
  • Timing checks for SOP VDMs have been added
  • Add Capture File Search for PD Test and PD Goal
  • Improved PASS/FAIL report accuracy and added report section with USB-IF results format.
  • SWAP-REJ test now replaced with PRSWAP test to reflect spec changes.
  • BIST Test Messages sent to SOP' and SOP'' during MSG tests were given incorrect report of cable bit failure - now fixed.
  • Timing error near start of Source Caps sequence was being caused by faullty logic - now fixed.
  • Testing was being abandoned if one test failed in many places. Now all tests should be attempted.
  • Changed VBUS plot colours for some lines from red and green to purple, to avoid confusion.
  • Now allowing 2 VDOs in Enter Mode and Attention VDM as per new spec
  • Fixed Swap Scope plot bug. Voltage afterwards sometimes in red.
  • PR_Swap testing locked up if the device was sink only - now fixed
  • Spurious Timing error was being reported during start of multiple Discover ID VDMs - now fixed.
  • Int-rej when no response to BIST message started sending nonsense messages

GraphicUSB V4.79 (30 Mar 2016)

Power Delivery Tester

  • Extract vendor file from UUT was broken - now fixed
  • Removed debug messages from html screen bottom
  • Cleaned up behaviour when no vendor file selected.

GraphicUSB V4.78 (29 Mar 2016)

Power Delivery Tester

  • FPGA changed to V1.11
  • The Tester was reporting spurious errors when the UUT correctly sent a GoodCRC in reponse to a nonsense messgae with a valid CRC. This is fixed.
  • The tester was incorrectly seeing retries of a SOP' DiscoverIdentity VDM as a response, and reporting incorrect response time. Now fixed.
  • Under some circumstances tester was reporting incorrect Dual-Role bit when it was correct. Now fixed.
  • The tester was seeing an initial SOP' Discover ID as a retry. Now fixed.
  • A delayed Attach Cable-event was triggering a false MessageID error message. Now fixed.
  • Added MessageID value to Event view
  • We were waiting for VBUS to turn off when we were a sink and sent Hard Reset. This causes a lockup if the UUT fails to turn off VBUS. Now fixed.
  • Search for Hard Reset and Cable Reset not working. Now fixed.
    HTML report file now allows selection of text by dragging or double clicking so that Copy (ctrl-C) works.


  • BC1.2 Scripts changed to
  • Fix error flag initialisation in CT_MRP_FUNC.mpet

GraphicUSB V4.77 (14 Mar 2016)

Power Delivery Tester

  • Removed some debug code which caused crashes.

GraphicUSB V4.76 (11 Mar 2016)

Power Delivery Tester

  • Added User Calibration function (uses optional PDT Calibration Jig)

GraphicUSB V4.75 (4 Mar 2016)

Power Delivery Tester

  • USB Comms Firmware changed to V6.01
  • Updating FPGA Firmware now works on USB3.x ports (USB3.x HS timing is not compatible with USB2.0)
  • Scope measure tool format improved

GraphicUSB V4.74 (29 Feb 2016)

Power Delivery Tester

  • FPGA changed to V1.10
  • PDT test version
  • Some messages were not ending correctly in their BMC coding.
  • Added Scope measurement function
  • Swap VBUS mask at left corrected from 20ms to 25ms
  • Swap line at end of turn off vbus before time is now vertical
  • Add CRC Location MSG test
  • Warn of firmware upgrades when entering cable tests

GraphicUSB V4.73 (24 Feb 2016)

Power Delivery Tester

  • FPGA changed to V1.09
  • PDT test version
  • If Soft Reset is received when message id 0 expected then the Soft Reset was not passed on up to the Policy State Machine. This applied to both SOP and SOP'.
  • Fixed response to Soft Reset when messageId expected is 0 (caused by not clearing MessId stored)
  • Hard Reset dfp logic corrected
  • SourceTransition timer changed from 20ms to 25ms
  • Fixed Hard reset DFP/UFP decision (and VCONN)
  • Fixed bus contention lock-up caused by Cable Reset (and possibly Hard Reset too!)
  • Added resetAll to TxContention manager
  • Removed warning for VDM Rev 1.0 not being current, as spec draft has changed.
  • Fixed Plotting scope eye diagram (slow or never completed)
  • Drawing INT-REJ test results in Timeline speeded up
  • Fixed Timeline scroll button incorrect size (overflow problem)
  • Fixed bug in logic for waiting for capture file parsing to complete
  • VDM Version 1.0 now only one allowed for Spec 2.x
  • Add Group 3 Noise to Cable Marker test
  • Modified PD device INT-REJ tests to separate source and sink and define noise group 3 for source.
  • Modified custom filter to not filter out PD events
  • When capturing the TX-eye without cable, the tester was using the noise signal that was last selected for "Capture Tester Eye". This has been fixed.
  • Updating Firmware has been considerably revised, and now also allows Calibration data backup.

GraphicUSB V4.72 (1 Feb 2016)

Power Delivery Tester

  • FPGA changed to V1.08
  • PDT test version
  • Plug-in V1.03
  • Version used at Milpitas 2016 Workshop.
  • VDM Version 1.0 and 2.0 both accepted. 1.0 given a warning: 'Not Current Version'.
    Directionality non zero is error (warning in V1.0).
    VBUS thru cable validity based on version.
    SOP' used validity based on version.
  • Add report for each test to html report
  • Add error summary to the text file notes file
  • Fix VCONN indicators in test dialogs
  • Require VBUS for UUT to connect as DFP (needs Plug-in rev 1.03)
  • Power Rules checking for Source and Sink corrected

GraphicUSB V4.69 (18 Jan 2016)

Power Delivery Tester

  • FPGA changed to V1.07
  • PDT Tests
  • In vendor file added DR_Swap_To_DFP_Supported, DR_Swap_To_UFP_Supported
    and PD_Power_As_Source, PD_Power_As_Sink
  • XID display format improved
  • Power Rule Checking added
  • Fixed bad reporting on Continuous waveform in capture file
  • MessageID increment of 2 now only gives warning as it may be valid behaviour when collision
  • Eye diagram report used to give Pass even when it failed - fixed
  • Support for VDM V2.0 added
  • Termination impedance test report moved to Post-run report
  • Eye diagram report moved to Post-run report Eye Test section
  • No_USB_Suspend_May_Be_Set previously did not get saved in file on changing its value

GraphicUSB V4.68 (14 Dec 2015)

Power Delivery Tester

  • FPGA changed to V1.05
  • PDT Tests
  • Plug-in V1.02
    Controlling 200pF caps has been implemented.
    These caps are missing from the hardware and need adding (units 1-5)
  • A small tolerance has been added to the eye diagram interpretation
  • Firmware update interface is more informative
  • Double clicking on scope view event now opens the view
  • tSrcTransition was drawn incorrectly on some scope views as 20ms instead of 25ms.
    This caused an orphaned red section of the VBUS waveform wear it should
    have crossed the mask.
  • Sequence Header for rejected VCONN Swap showed 'Unknown result'
  • Added suggested location for Notes files (PdComplianceNoteFiles),
    corrected file name(only one TID) and added '_CAB_' in cable marker notes.
  • Duration of timeline continuous waveform was incorrect when zoomed out
  • Frequency of group 2 noise was sometimes same as group 1.
  • PDT Interactive mode (beta) added


  • PDA/E interactive mode brought up to date.

GraphicUSB V4.67 (4 Dec 2015)

Power Delivery Tester

  • FPGA changed to V1.04
    • fixed problem of spurious multiple VBUS reports causing loss of data

GraphicUSB V4.66 (3 Dec 2015)

Power Delivery Tester

  • Added support for up-dating firmware in PDT Plug-in, Current Sink and VBUS Generator
  • Automatic prompt on trying to use PDT, if the firmware needs updating.
  • FPGA changed to V1.03
    • if emulating cable marker, don't do anything if we fail to get a GoodCRC
    • misc initialisation fixes
  • Plug-in changed to V1.02
    • This has a connect problem fixed. The plug-in was occasionally picking the wrong
      CC line so we sent Hard Reset on that line while UUT sent Source Caps on other line.
    • CC line capacitance switching corrected. (Note: plug-in needs 2x200pF caps adding)
  • Corrected default measurement mode
  • Tests changed so that PR_Swap and DR_Swap from UUT are rejected by default.
    This was to prevent UUTs from continually making these requests
    It is expected that a UUT which is unable to do the swap will still behave
    well enough to carry out the test as expected.
  • Product Type 0 was incorrectly called an error - now fixed
  • Termination impedance voltage range changed to more realistic values
  • Test progress now shown by colouring background of running and completed test names.
  • Multiple FAILs are now indicated by adding (repeat) after further examples.

GraphicUSB V4.65 (6 Nov 2015)

Power Delivery Tester

  • Added Support for USB-PDT

Special Instructions for V4.65 for users of USB-PDT

  • Because of changes we have made in the driver behaviour, it is possible that connecting the PDT for the first time can lead to some unexpected behaviour. This will be fixed in the next release. In the meantime, here is the work-around.
    • before connecting the PDT, run the GraphicUSB setup program as usual. Do not start the software yet.
    • connect the Power Supply to the PDT, and connect a USB cable from the PDT to the host.
    • start GraphicUSB, click on Menu...Operations...Select Packet-Master Unit...
    • The function shown for the PDT should be Protocol Tester. If it is TEST, then double right click in the top left corner of the window (just up and to the left of the word 'Model'). The word TEST should change to Protocol Tester. Ensure that the PDT is selected (highlighted).
    • click OK
    • disconnect power from the PDT, wait 5 seconds, then re-connect power.
    • -------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Notes:
  • This work-around may not work on versions of Windows after Win 7, as the double right click appears to have been dis-allowed on some later windows systems.
  • Signs of correct operation include:
    • White Power light on after a couple of seconds
    • 'Black T in yellow square' icon on toolbar is enabled.
  • It is currently normal for the display to continue to show 'Connecting...'

GraphicUSB V4.56 (22 May 2015)

Power Delivery

Special Instructions for V4.56 for users of USB-PDA or USB-PDA-E

  • This version of the GraphicUSB Application requires the reprogramming of the firmware in the PDA-BA3-CAP plug-in module, to be functional. After installing V4.56 please complete the following steps:
  • Connect the power supply to the USB-PDA(-E)
  • Connect the USB-PDA(-E) to the host computer USB port.
  • Start the GraphicUSB Application
  • In the Operations menu, choose 'Select Packet-Master Unit...'
  • Confirm that your unit is shown and highlighted
  • Click on 'Advanced...'
  • In the 'Update Analyser Firmware' dialog, click on 'Update Plug-in etc F/W'
  • Click on 'Update Firmwre' for 'Current Plug-in'
  • The Plug-in firmware will be re-programmed. We do not recommend selecting any other windows during this approximately 1.5 minute process.
  • If the operation should not complete owing to a power interruption then it may be tried again. The firmware being updated is not responsible for the updating process.
  • After seeing 'Programming Complete' we recommend exiting from GraphicUSB; powering down the USB-PDA(-E); and starting again.

GraphicUSB V4.53 (25 Feb 2015)

Power Delivery

  • Improvements to Power Delivery Analyser interface including preventing a lockup in PDA-E Interactive mode dialog

GraphicUSB V4.52 (8 Feb 2015)

Power Delivery

  • Added support for Release version of Power Delivery Analysers x

GraphicUSB V4.50 (28 July 2014)


  • IAD iFunctionindex corrected

GraphicUSB V4.38 (26 November 2012)


  • Fixed missing trigger function for USB500 (and USB480+) for latest pcb rev.

GraphicUSB V4.30 (20 March 2012)


  • DevKit brought up to date:
    • Extension PID
    • LPM PID
    • NAK, NYET, SOF and Keep Alive filtering settings available
    • OutText now uses system to find Program Files
  • Added File...Device Summary... function

Protocol Testers

  • Added current measuring function to USB-500 in Prot Tester mode

GraphicUSB V4.29 (20 February 2012)


  • Bug fix. Capture containing nothing but NAKed INs, locked up when opening on some PCs.

GraphicUSB V4.28 (13 February 2012)

USB500 AG+ Protocol tester option (V0.91)

  • Improved Chapter 9 command verifier script
  • Verbose report switch
  • Added primative 'Force UHCI behaviour' function
  • Added new SendValue parameters for string testing, beep, class decode, and result formatting
  • Added new flag for Data Toggle Error to SIE.
  • SIE can now generate LPM transfer.


  • LPM capture added

GraphicUSB V4.27 (11 January 2012)

  • Added optional Protocol Tester mode for USB500 AG+. This is provided with a Chapter 9 command verifier script. Protocol Tester mode available by optional subscription of all USB500 AG units since S/N 30696156
  • Added BOS descriptor analysis
  • Fixed Device Descriptor detail pane calling V2.10 illegal
  • Added Vendor ID Decoder tool.

GraphicUSB V4.25 (25 October 2011)

  • New logic for all versions of USB500 allows recognition of HS traffic in the
    absence of VBUS. This is useful in some specialised applications where only
    the data lines are available.

GraphicUSB V4.22 (15 August 2011)

  • Fixed note value names in MIDI analysis
  • Persistant frame sizing for repeated captures

GraphicUSB V4.20 (15 July 2011)

  • Added the usages from HUTRR28-36 and HUTRR38 to HID analysis

GraphicUSB V4.18 (5 July 2011)

  • Fixed HID report bug with Arrays. (keyboards, consumer etc)

GraphicUSB V4.15 (20 June 2011)

  • Analysers USB480+ from S/N 20695213 and USB500 from S/N 30696156 have had modification to allow errant HS devices with invalid TWTRSTFS (i.e. > 3ms) to see subsequent HS activity, which was not previously the case.

GraphicUSB V4.13 (8 June 2011)

  • Analysers USB480+ before S/N 20695213 and USB500 before S/N 30696156 have had modification to allow errant HS devices with invalid TWTRSTFS (i.e. > 3ms) to see subsequent HS activity, which was not previously the case.
    ( Units after these serial numbers will have same mod applied in future version.)
  • Versions of GraphicUSB since V4.00 have support for the USB-PET compliance tester.

GraphicUSB V3.23 (6 October 2009)

  • Fixed bug where 'Go toTrigger Flag' toolbar buttons were not being enabled. This bug originated in V3.22.

GraphicUSB V3.22 (27 August 2009)

  • Fixed potential illegal access problem when redisplaying file which is in the process of being indexed
  • Fixed potential deadlock situation when closing files which are still being indexed
  • Fixed multiple transaction transfer parsing logic which was damaged in V3.21
  • Improved address range logic for multiple device existences

GraphicUSB V3.21 (17 August 2009)

  • Added Device Functional Upgrade (DFU) class option
  • Fixed bug in class determining logic

GraphicUSB V3.20 (4 June 2009)

  • Installer now pre-installs correct driver automatically (driver now V3.00)
  • Generator Script Language updated to Version 2
    • Version 1 scripts are still source compatible, but automatically recompiled when run
    • Faster looping, loops do not add any delay; so when emulating a device, WaitPacket*s following a jump will never miss a packet.
    • Now 4 counters available for looping
    • Up to 16 labels allowed
    • Forward jumps now allowed
    • New 'Halt' command
  • Triggering: turn on 'BNC Out On' by default

GraphicUSB V3.18 (6 May 2009)

  • Driver 2.09 required.
  • Driver for 64-bit XP and 64-bit Vista added.
  • No change for 32-bit OS users

GraphicUSB V3.17 (20 April 2009)

  • Driver 2.08 required.
  • Corrected BNC trigger out logic
  • Corrected generator device script logic for SendChirp in combination with FS host.

GraphicUSB V3.16 (30 March 2009)

  • Added many details to Create Descriptor File function, for base and Comms class.
  • Corrected description of Other Speed Configuration Descriptor in detail pane.
  • Added 'Create Configuration Summary' button in Configuration Descriptor detail pane. This provides a text file with an overview of a complex configuration descriptor as an aid to fast understanding.
  • Many improvements and additions for Comms class as follows:
  • Improved analysis of bulk transfers for Comms class
  • Added analysis of:
    • Ethernet:
      • Link Layer encapsulation
      • ARP protocol
      • RARP protocol
      • IP Datagrams
      • TCP headers
      • UDP headers
      • IGMP messages
    • Obex V1.3 Protocol
    • Subclasses
      • Wireless Handset Control Model
      • Device Management Model
      • Mobile Direct Line Model
      • OBEX Model
    • Descriptors
      • Wireless Handset Control Model Functional
      • Mobile Direct Line Model Functional
      • MDLM Detail Functional
      • Device Management Model Functional
      • OBEX Functional
      • Command Set Functional
      • Command Set Detail Functional
      • Telephone Control Model Functional
      • OBEX Service Identifier Functional
  • Added generator command 'Halt'
  • Speeded up search for data bytes
  • When highlighting data in data pane, the ASCII side is now also highlighted.
  • Added ASCII comments to current data exports.
  • Added functionality to Create Current Data File:
    • Output with comments showing ASCII interpretations of bytes for C and ASM
    • Plain hex output
    • Output as ASCII text
    • Output selected range of bytes
  • Allow manual selection of data in data pane
  • Added context menu to data pane (right click)
    • Select All
    • Create current data file
  • Added context menu to detail pane (right click)
    • Create descriptor file
  • Removed spurious 'Help' from all context menus

GraphicUSB V3.14 (4 March 2009)

  • Driver 2.07 required.
  • Fixed USB12 to stop multiple reporting of long term 'both lines high' condition.
  • Fixed problem on USB480, USB480+, USB500 where an illegally very short reset from a full speed host, with a high speed device, assumes high speed link and reports continual chirps, instead of FS packets.
  • Improved early presentation of timeline view for USB12, and also removed occasional mis-drawing of timeline view with USB12.
  • Added MTP class - Rev 1.0 - to existing image class. Various other improvements to Image Class
  • Improved class analysis for Mass Storage, and Image classes transfers
  • Added warning about filtered NAK, SOF, KeepAlive or NYET events to bandwidth display pane
  • Vendor class control transfers using 'class' type instead of 'vendor' now trigger vendor
    class interpretation.
  • When highlighting data by clicking in detail table, the data, if not visible, is now scrolled to automatically.
  • Added 'Select All' Ctrl+A accelerator to text editor.
  • If a host generator script is created from a capture, using a FS host and a HS device, the host script no longer includes a spurious SendChirp command.
  • Added option to force Full Speed / Low Speed analysis.

GraphicUSB V3.13 (26 February 2009)

  • Added 'suppress data' option when exporting event file (using 'Create Events or Data File')

GraphicUSB V3.12 (18 February 2009)

  • HID report value spanning multiple bytes was being interpretted in the wrong order

GraphicUSB V3.11 (17 February 2009)

  • Added 'Test and Measurement' class analysis option
  • Optimised parsing to speed file opening
  • Subsequent class parsing passes are identified in status bar.
  • Device assumptions logic improved
  • Fixed bInterfaceCount in Interface Association Descriptor
  • Now allowing user to specify max bytes for bandwidth (in Options)
  • Display says when custom filtering is on
  • Added 'Set Time Origin' function
  • Added 'Reset Time Origin' function
  • Added 'Tip of the day'
  • Speeded summary generation
  • Driver 2.06 required.
  • Added separate IN and OUT colouring for bandwidth display

GraphicUSB V3.10 (16 January 2009)

  • Tooltips added to timeline pane
  • Some tidying of timeline and bandwidth rendering
  • Added accelerator keys for generator compile (F7 )and run (F5)

GraphicUSB V3.09 (8 January 2009)

  • Driver 2.05 required
  • Timeline toolbar icon now correctly updated
  • Initial selected point in timeline is now first real event in capture
  • Zoom-in and Zoom-out icons for timeline added to toolbar
  • DevKit now included in install package (requires registration)

GraphicUSB V3.08 (15 December 2008)

  • Minor bug fix

GraphicUSB V3.07 (15 December 2008)

  • Timeline now zooms out to include whole capture
  • Bandwidth display now displays number of bytes in selected frame in addition to usage percentage
  • DevKit registration bug fixed
  • Driver 2.04 now required

GraphicUSB V3.06 (21 November 2008)

  • Added new Timeline view
  • Added new bandwidth utilisation view
  • Added max bandwidth used to summary document
  • Added DevKit registration option
  • Now displays "-" for measurement when not available
  • Firmware updates (non-critical)
  • USB500 AG firmware -> 3.01
  • USB480+ firmware -> 2.04
  • Installer modified to remove Vista's "may not have installed correctly" message

GraphicUSB V3.05 (4 November 2008)

  • Improvements in analyser OTG reporting
  • Improvements in Generator OTG capabilities

GraphicUSB V3.04 (22 October 2008)

  • Added Capture Summary function (right click in event pane)

GraphicUSB V3.03 (7 October 2008)

  • GraphicUSB Devkit V1.00 now available to help advanced users process capture files.
  • In Capture Dialog there is now a new 'Save Only' button. This prevents displaying the file after a capture, and is useful for big captures which will be analysed using the GraphicUSB Devkit.

GraphicUSB V3.02 (3 October 2008)

  • Suppressed debug message 'Restart Message'
  • Allowed class analysis options to be individually disabled. This can be useful to speed up the opening of larger capture files, by reducing the parsing requirements.

GraphicUSB V3.01 (19 September 2008)

  • Support for USB500 AG generator function enabled
  • Added 'To Upper Case' and 'To Lower Case' functions to text editor
  • Fixed highlighting on small block drag or copy drag in text editor

GraphicUSB V3.00 (8 September 2008)

  • Support for USB500 AG generator function added (to be enabled in next release)
  • Added Generator Script Document Type and compiler
  • Auto-creation of Generator Script from capture document.
  • Toolbar A and G buttons indicate when Analyser and/or Generator currently selected
  • Transfers, where transaction has no response now Labelled 'No Response'
  • New built-in text document editor - used for all generated text file output. Exporting files (except binary) now goes straight into text window. Same with vendor files.
  • Full printing and selection printing of text views. Removed external text editor option
  • Old vendor files auto-modified to new name and include 'FileType MQPVEN 1'.
  • Added support for Device Info File, Assumptions and Auto-assumptions on capture. This saves needing to capture enumeration each time.
  • Capture files can now include device assumptions, which are saved with the file.
  • Fixed incoming capture parsing for buffer overflow protection on excessive length packets.
  • 'Min' button now shows bus states as well as transfer headers.
  • 'Create Events File' function renamed 'Create Events or Data File' and now obeys custom filter if required, allows output of all data associated with a specified endpoint. It can now output required data in various formats including binary.
  • Right click on capture file now shows version info.
  • Field update of analyser firmware, now possible.
  • Improved measurement of idle times between packets.
  • Splitter frame sizing more sensible with a capture performed while application is minimised.
  • Fixed bug where preambles were sometimes not being shown.
  • Improved Hub Setup time measurement.
  • Many other internal improvments

GraphicUSB V2.09 (11 July 2008)

  • Further internal improvements

GraphicUSB V2.06 (13 June 2008)

  • Fixed error message in Data Pane on first opening capture file

GraphicUSB V2.05 (15 February 2008)

  • Added support for Still Image class option
  • Fixed bug where NAked transfers were not being un-filtered when going to bookmark
  • Data pane smoother scrolling and now not limited in data size
  • Export now includes all the data in long transfers
  • Allow push buttons in detail pane - used for 'Show Image' and 'Export Image' in Still Image class
  • Driver changed to V1.09 to fix extremely occasional spurious sync during reset sequence

GraphicUSB V2.04 (12 December 2007)

  • Allowed new pre-trigger buffer sizes up to 32Mbyte (USB480+)
  • Improvements to capture information transfer
  • Fixed bug in search for data with large data size
  • Export Data function improved
  • Added changes from Link Power Mangement Addendum
  • Fixed Interface descriptor for Keyboard HID
  • Now requires Driver V1.08

GraphicUSB V2.03 (9 November 2007)

  • Added Bookmark capability
  • Added Advanced Triggering functionality to USB480+

GraphicUSB V2.02 (3 September 2007)

  • Added Video Class Analysis option
  • Improved display for faulty PRE packets
  • Minor bug fixes

GraphicUSB V2.01 (14 August 2007)

  • Fixed bug where valid length is coloured as failure in unknown config descriptor
  • Added NYET in search for transaction
  • Added ASCII and Unicode string search
  • Fixed bug in parsing packets of 1024 or 1024+ bytes
  • Fixed incorrect error report on DATA2 packet
  • Colour control transfer header by type standard / class

GraphicUSB V2.00 (1 August 2007)

  • Supports Packet-Master USB480, in addition to USB12
  • High Speed Event support with USB480
  • Added Custom Filter (filter by address, endpoint, speed)
  • Added Hardware Trigger control dialog (for USB480)
  • Fixed bug when drawing detail of faulty HID report
  • Added command line functions for capture control. Also other functions to support control by third party software.
  • Added OTG event descriptions (for USB480).
  • Fixed occasional display of multiple event 1's before index completed
  • Added various messages for explaining empty screen (such as filter hiding everything).
  • Fixed crash caused by quick closing of file after opening
  • Added option to select text editor
  • Added function to use text editor to edit vendor file
  • Fixed occasional internal file format bug involving event count which caused display error
  • Fixed HID report bug (OUT report as IN) which was created in previous version
  • Added usbmadesimple web site to about box
  • Fixed bInterval value display for isochronous endpoint
  • Add HS elements to endpoint descriptor
  • Added explanations to detail pane in situation where we see outward only packets, that they may be
    targeted at upstream device. Display a message saying that filtering these out is an option
  • If host computer goes to sleep and is woken up the analyser now continues to function correctly
  • File opening speed improved
  • Help updated
  • Added 'Insert Comment' button to capture dialog
  • Initial default filter settings changed to shown top level and bus states only
  • New driver release V1.05 included (must be installed)
  • Tidied up formatting of multiple event header and following events

GraphicUSB V1.10 (16 June 2007)

  • Added Audio Class analysis option
  • Added Vendor Class analysis option
  • Added Vendor File template generation and parse functions
  • Fixed problem caused by spurious EOP events
  • Added Export Captured Events to text file function
  • Added Export Data to source code byte format or binary file format
  • Added Export descriptors to source code function
  • Added option to auto-abandon previous capture on Start Capture
  • In driver: reduced plug-in detection time to allow analysis of out-of-spec hosts
  • Added HID report number to event header when more than 1 report defined
  • Fixed bug where double clicking on a control transfer with only SETUP transaction, didn't open up the transactions
  • Fixed bug in type of transfer for IN and OUT in control transfer
  • Fixed bug in mass storage where enquiry without result would cause a crash.
  • Fixed display of the filter buttons
  • Fixed bug where editing the TEMP folder actually changed the DATA folder.
  • Modified Help system to work with Vista
  • Added analyser selection box

GraphicUSB V1.09

  • Various maintenance releases

GraphicUSB V1.08 (10 November 2006)

  • Added Mass Storage Analysis Option
  • Added Buttons to maximise and minimise display detail
  • Changed installation system to one compatible with Vista

GraphicUSB V1.07 (9 October 2006)

  • Improved class data transfer header info
  • Fix parsing bug which could, under certain conditions, crash application (this bug was introduced in V1.06)

GraphicUSB V1.06 (27 September 2006)

  • Fixed a couple of bugs in Comms Class Analysis

GraphicUSB V1.05 (5 September 2006)

  • Added Communications Class Analysis Option
  • Added Printer Class Analysis Option
  • Improved capture logic to allow full bandwidth captures on a wider range of host PCs
  • Disabling capture of NAKed transactions now enables captures of long duration
  • OTG descriptor and features details added
  • Driver updated to V1.02

GraphicUSB V1.04 (24 July 2006)

  • Added Hub Class Analysis Option

GraphicUSB V1.03 (17 July 2006)

  • Added HID Class Analysis Option



Version Date Comments
0.00   Initial Production Version
0.01 6 Aug 08 Bug fix - Update firmware if using GraphicUSB V3.00 or later
0.02 17 Dec 08 Modifications for production testing - upgrade only if current firmware is 0.00, and you are using GraphicUSB V3.00 or later.


Version Date Comments
1.01   Initial Production Version
1.02 6 Aug 08 Potential bug fix - Update firmware only if advised to do so by MQP
1.03 12 Nov 08 Descriptor modifed - not an essential upgrade


Version Date Comments
1.02   Initial Production Version
2.03 6 Aug 08 Potential bug fix - Update firmware only if advised to do so by MQP
2.04 12 Nov 08 Descriptor modifed - not an essential upgrade
2.05 28 Jan 08 Descriptor further modifed - not an essential upgrade


Version Date Comments
3.00 8 Sept 08 Initial Production Version
3.01 12 Nov 08 Descriptor modifed - not an essential upgrade
3.02 28 Jan 08 Descriptor further modifed - not an essential upgrade